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Bounce back win over Brock

Saturday December 3, 2016
Gee-Gees player trying to make a shot
Ellen Bond

The uOttawa Gee-Gees women’s basketball team came from behind to win against the Brock Badgers 79-64 on Saturday night at Montpetit Hall. After the weekend the team now boasts a 4-1 regular season record.

The bench was a huge factor for the Garnet and Grey, with 48 points coming from outside of the starting lineup. In particular, first-year Amelie Hachey was a revelation, scoring 18 points on 8-for-11 shooting.

Brock started the game at full speed, leaving Ottawa down by thirteen points just minutes into the game. Undeterred and thirsty for a basket, uOttawa third-year Jennifer Crowe made a jump shot, ending a scoreless three minute stretch for uOttawa. Hachey entered the game with under two minutes to go, and helped close the gap by contributing five points.  

The Gee-Gees pushed back in the second quarter, closing the gap to within five points of Brocks lead. With just under five minutes to go, Julia Dostaler mades a big steal on point guard and conference all-star Bridget Atkinson, giving the Gee-Gees an easy two points. “From when it was 34-17 the swing there was almost 40-points,” explains Ottawa head coach Andy Sparks on the team’s comeback.

At the start of the third quarter, veteran Katherine Lemoine’s 6-foot-2 inch presence was felt on the court as she again opens up the scoring for uOttawa with an easy basket off the glass. Lemoine then showed her experience by switching it up in the next play with a beautiful assist to second-year Brooklynn MacAlear. Julia Soriano tied it up at 41 points with seven minutes left to play in the quarter. uOttawa then then went on an eight-point run to take the lead for the first time in the game.

Sarah Besselink drained her shot from distance to open up the fourth quarter for uOttawa. Brooklyn MacAlear read Brock’s Bridget Atkinson dribbling, stealing the ball and making her jump shot. Hachey went on a 6-point run midway through the period, finalizing the win for uOttawa after sinking her last shot from distance of the game. Head Coach Andy Sparks highlighted the play of third-year Julia Dostaler, “She was exceptional, she had a great game. She did a great job guarding Atkinson.”

“Overall I think it was a good effort by the girls. They responded well after the first twelve minutes of not very good basketball,” continued Sparks. “It was really style of play, the players decided to play the style that best suited our team."