U SPORTS Women Soccer Championship Volunteer Recruitment Form

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This is your opportunity to be a part of the 2018 U SPORTS Women’s Soccer Championship.  We play host to the top eight women’s university soccer teams in the country to compete for a national title.  By volunteering, you will help create a lasting memory for athletes, managers, coaches competing, and an ultimate fan experience.  We need the enthusiasm and hospitality of over 100 volunteers to lead this 4-day event.

Pick your area to volunteer; there is a volunteer position waiting for you.

Volunteer benefits include:

  • Volunteer uniform (tuque, t-shirt or coat)
  • Exclusive training
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Snacks and lunch or supper (available depending on the times you volunteer)
  • Making new connections
  • Volunteer recognition event

How can we reach you?

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In which areas are you interested in volunteering?

The welcome crew is the information hub for all things in the 2018 Women’s Soccer U SPORTS National Championship by greeting fans and answering all questions related Other tasks associated are assisting at Volunteer Headquarters and Ticketing Support and direct traffic.
Volunteers in this role will support the Game Operations committee and Facility staff in their needs before, during, and after games. The Field Crew takes care of such things as setting up the field, maintenance.
Task associated with Security Crew would be checking accreditation at key points, roaming crowd control, Media Centre/VIP Lounge entrance.
This position requires a bilingual volunteer with high energy for field assistance and has some Sport technical soccer knowledge
The media crew will work closely with our Gee-Gees Sports Information and Media Relations staff. Volunteers in this crew will be helping with tasks such as video, keeping track of game results and other media related duties.
This position requires a volunteer, who likes to transport and install various equipment, tents, barricades, etc.
The hospitality crew will take care of setting up and monitoring food and beverages in all of the lounges including the VIP, alumni and coach spaces. They will also be responsible for bringing post game snacks and refreshments to the athlete and officials locker rooms.
Volunteers in this role will be responsible for driving our vans and transporting the tournament officials to and from their hotels and the venue. Shuttle drivers are responsible for creating a safe and convenient transportation system, which provides accessible and friendly service. Volunteers need a valid driver’s licence and knowledge of the City streets.
The host team Crew provides the ultimate tournament experience for teams as they welcome teams upon arrival at airport or hotel and assist and support team throughout the tournament with various tasks and emails. Volunteers must be available all tournament days with team before arrival and on site.
Fan experience could be associated with assistance at the Opening Ceremonies, the Banquet, Medal Ceremonies, the Kid Zone or other task needed.

Please indicate your availability to volunteer?