Registration Period

Please note that registration is on a first come, first serve basis, with the first week being online registration only.

The Winter registration period begins on Sunday, November 21Please see table below for sport specific registration start times.  

Leagues fill up quickly so we recommend you register as soon as you possibly can!

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Registration time

League Time
Volleyball & Dodgeball 1:00 pm
Soccer & Ultimate Frisbee 2:00 pm
Basketball & Hockey 3:00 pm

To register for intramurals, you must use the Gee-Gee Reg platform. We have already created an account for you and your username is your uOttawa emailDO NOT CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.  If you are a first-time user or if you forgot your password, contact Client Services at or at 613-562-5800 ext. 5789.

Once you can log in to your account, you will be able to set up your team for registration which opens on November 21, 2021.


Know more about the mandatory captains' meeting.

Students, uOttawa employees, along with alumni with a purchased Sports Services membership are eligible for Intramural Registration. 


Students must be registered and have paid their Sports Ancillary Fees as part of their tuition. All students pay this fee, except students in the international exchange program, Law students in the Bar process, Co-op students, certain students in Medicine, students from campuses outside of Ottawa and certain special students. These students must purchase a membership card in order to participate in intramural programs. Additionally, students must have their uOttawa e-mail address and have picked up their student ID cards at Info Service 48 hours in advance.


In order to increase your chance of a successful registration, we encourage all participants to take advantage of online registration as we operate on a first-come first-serve basis.  In addition to team registration, we offer individual registration for select sports.

IMPORTANT NOTE: As uOttawa students or members of Sports Services, use your existing Gee-Gee Reg account. If this is the 1st time you login to Gee-Gee Reg, please click on "Forgot My Password" and enter your uOttawa e-mail address or the e-mail address you provided to client services at the time of the membership purchase to obtain your login information. Please note that if you do not use the account already created for you and you create a new account, you will not be eligible for participation.


In Person

Individuals and Teams may register in person at Montpetit Hall or the Minto Sports Complex Client Services desk, located at 125 University Private and 801 King Edward, respectively.

Team League.Team leagues are intended for those who wish to form their own rosters and register as a team. Team leagues are offered in a variety of sports with options of Mixed, Open (formally known as Men’s) and Women’s/Trans/Non-Binary.

  1. Sign-in
  2. Verifying Information
  3. Create a Team
  4. Register a Team to a League
  5. Check-out and Registration Prompt
  6. Make a Payment and Agree to Waiver
  7. Print Receipt
  8. Logout

When should I be creating my team roster?

Rosters should be created prior to the registration date and may only be created by the Team Captain. Please note that a created roster does not guarantee registration.

When is the last day for my roster modifications?

Team Roster Modifications are the action of adding, removing, or switching players on a roster. Online modifications can only be made by the team captain during the registration period. Rosters will be locked on the last day of registration, January 12, 2022 at 4:00 pm. After this time, rosters cannot be modified online. During the season, roster changes may ONLY be completed at the intramural office during office hours, or by appointment. A $20.00 fee will be applied for each roster change. For all roster modification, captain consent is required, as is a signed roster modification form. Please be aware each intramural participant must participate in two regular season games in order to be eligible for playoffs.

Number of Players

The minimum number of players for indoor gym sports and outdoor field is 8 while the maximum number is 14. The minimum number of players for arena sports (hockey) is 10 while the maximum number of players is 16. All members of the roster must provide their student/member/employee number along with a valid and up-to-date e-mail and phone number as a means of communication. Only those on the roster may participate in Intramural contests. Please refer to your league description to determine the exact minimum number of players required to create a team.

Mixed Leagues: Team Gender Ratios

Two females are required to be on the court at all times for all other indoor gym sports and dome/field sports. Please note that although a team may be created with the minimum number of females required, it is highly recommended to have more on the roster.

Team Naming Policy

Administration reserves the right to change or modify any team name without notice. If a team name is deemed inappropriate for any reason, administration will change it promptly and may do so without explanation or notification. The team name with which you register will be displayed online. Team names cannot be changed once team registration is complete.

Individual Leagues.Individual leagues are intended for individuals without any previous established connections on campus or those who do not have enough players to form a team. This option is ideal for individuals who are new to the University of Ottawa. Intramural Programs offer Individual leagues for the sports with higher volume, such as, Basketball, Hockey, Soccer, and Volleyball. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: As uOttawa students or members of Sports Services, use your existing Gee-Gee Reg account. If this is the 1st time login in Gee-Gee Reg, please click on "Forgot My Password" and enter your uOttawa e-mail address or e-mail address provided to client services at the time of membership purchase to obtain your login information. Please note that if you do not use the account already created for you and create a new account, you will not be eligible for participation.

  1. Sign-in
  2. Verifying Information
  3. Choosing a League
  4. Check-out and Registration Prompt
  5. Make a Payment and Agree to Waiver
  6. Print Receipt
  7. Logout

How are teams created?

Once the registration period closes, the Intramural staff will create teams, taking into consideration the registration prompts. Although there are no guarantees, the intramural staff will do their best to accommodate all requests and to make teams as even as possible. Team captains will be notified of their position as soon as the teams are complete. Intramurals reserves the right to rebalance any teams for fair play and parity throughout the season.

How are team names determined?

The Intramural staff will assign names to each team. Team names are generally based on a theme.

What to expect prior to the start of the league?

Once teams have been created, each team will be appointed a captain.  Team captains are expected to contact his/her team members prior to the start of the league.  Expect an email from the Intramural administration regarding the individual meeting that is held every semester on captains’ meeting day.

All rosters and schedules will be available to view on the Gee-Gee Reg site listed under League Reports & Results. Find your league in the menu located on the left side of the page. By selecting a league, you will have access to league schedules, results, and team captain contact listings.

To view team rosters, team schedules, and team results, you will need to select the team name located underneath the correct league on the left-hand side of the page.

Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Cash, and Cheques are all accepted methods of payment in person. Visa and Mastercard are accepted payments for online registration. Visa debit cards are not accepted online. Please note that post-dated cheques and 100-dollar bills will not be accepted.

An individual league refund may be issued for a withdrawal from any league before the second game of play. After the second game of play refunds will only be issued due to illness or injury, in which case documented proof will be required (i.e. a doctor’s note). Refund requests made from a Visa or Mastercard will be credited directly back to the card used for the original payment. Refund requests made from a payment by cash, debit, or cheque will be refunded in the form of a cheque by mail. Please allow up to three weeks for the cheque to arrive in the mail. Please note that a 25% withdrawal fee will apply to any and all refunds.

A team league refund have up until January 10th, 2022 to request a refund. Should there be a refund request after such date, there would have to be a new team able to register into the league in which the refund request is coming from for Campus Recreation to process the refund. 


*New* Refunds due to league-wide shutdowns: Intramurals sets up registration fees for leagues based on minimum 7-game schedule (playoffs included)Should there be any league-wide shut-downs (due to the COVID-19 pandemic) refunds will be issued at a pro-rated level if the minimum 7 game threshold is not reach (I.e., if 6 games are played and the league is shut-down with no signs of resuming for the semester, participants of that league would receive a pro-rated refund for 1 game, since they were able to play 6 of 7).