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Number of Positions Job title Available by
TBD Client Services Attendant 14 Aug
5 Intramural League Supervisor 31 Aug
TBD Hockey Referee 31 Aug
TBD Fitness Attendant 31 Aug
30 Arbitre d’intra-muros 31 Aug
TBD Lifeguard/Instructor (Fall/Winter 2020) 09 Sep

Client Services Attendant

Client Services

Posting Dates: Friday July 24, 2020 to Friday August 14, 2020

Number of Positions: TBD

Hourly Rate: $14.25

Duration: Part-time (less than 24 hours/week)

Job Description:

Provides quality client service by welcoming, informing and registering Sports Services’ clients to various sports activities;

Analyses and determines the needs of the clientele; suggests and sell appropriate services that will suit the customer’s needs;

Receives various requests and inquiries by telephone and by email; transfers these requests to appropriate person;

Controls equipment rentals: lends keys to appropriate individuals whose names are on the list;

Regularly patrols and controls access to the facilities;

Promote the Gee-Gee brand by advertising programming and events;

Provides First Aid in case of emergency;

The position requires to work day, night and/or weekend shifts at both the Minto Sports Complex and Montpetit Hall Facilities.


  • Experience in customer service
  • Experience in using computer systems and software such as Windows, Word processing, spreadsheets, databases, e-mail and Internet
  • Knowledge of principles directing people and property protection
  • Knowledge of cash register functions and point of sale terminals
  • Ability to work independently and in a team,
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Bilingualism – French and English (spoken and written)
  • Valid First Aid and CPR and AED certification delivered by a WSIB recognized organization.

Send resume to:

They will be a mandatory training week from August 31st to September 4th 2020.

Please submit a cover letter and resume to gee-gees@uottawa.ca ; Subject line: Client Services Attendant Application

We thank all candidates for applying. We will only contact candidates selected for further consideration.

Intramural League Supervisor


Posting Dates: Monday August 3, 2020 to Monday August 31, 2020

Number of Positions: 5

Hourly Rate: $14.00

Duration: September – April

Job Description:

Intramural League Supervisors are the Intramural Program’s representatives during games. They promote communication between Intramural Programs’ administration staff and participants. Supervisors are responsible for managing the leagues and ensuring they run smoothly throughout the season. This includes preparing game sheets, taking out and putting away all necessary equipment, completing incident/accident reports when necessary and being available to answer questions from participants. Supervisors must know the rules and regulations of their sport(s) and facilities, and apply them whenever disputes may arise. They will also post all scores and standings and notify affected parties when there are changes to the schedule. Supervisors must administer first-aid, when necessary, and complete appropriate accident forms. They will promote a safe and fun environment for all participants. Supervisors will attend all required training sessions and assist during registration week. The League Supervisors report to the Intramural Programs’ Coordinator and Assistant Coordinator.

Experience / Skills Required:

  • Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills;
  • Strong communication skills
  • Leadership skills and ability to work as part of a dynamic team;
  • Good language competency (oral, written) in both English and French;
  • Experience in a supervisory and/or in a customer service role;
  • Good understanding respective sport(s) and its associated rules
  • Passion for respective sport(s)
  • First Aid/CPR qualifications or willing to obtain

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Before the season

  • Attend all mandatory meetings and training sessions.
  • Assist with the pre-season registration and assist in organizing team t-shirts or jerseys.
  • Attend the captain’s meeting once all teams are registered.
  • Organize league binders

During the season

Before games:

  • Relay the rules and regulations of the league & facility to employees and participants
  • Print out weekly standings, suspensions, updated team lists and fill out game sheets.
  • Contact team captains for all schedule changes/updates
  • Remain in contact with the Head Referee and the Intramural Programs’ administration staff throughout the season
  • Pick up keys for the equipment
  • Retrieve two-way radios, first-aid kits, and equipment cages
  • Assist Client Services with equipment set up
  • Sign-in & check uOttawa IDs of all participants
  • Inspect facilities for safe game play

During games:

  • Attend all scheduled games & ensure they run smoothly
  • Keep score and keep track of penalties during each game, on the game sheet
  • Liaise with facility staff when problems occur & assist in settling disputes
  • Fill out incident and/or accident reports when necessary.
  • Make yourself available to answer any questions from participants in your league
  • Distribute prizes when necessary
  • Administer first aid, when required

After games:

  • Ensure captains sign the game sheet after every game
  • Fax all game sheets as well as any incident or accident reports
  • Assist in putting away all equipment & ensure all equipment is returned
  • Enter team scores and standings at the end of every shift
  • Report any equipment malfunctions
  • Return all keys


  • Get to know as many participants as possible.
  • Distribute playoff schedules.
  • Hand out league evaluations near the end of the season
  • Present a positive and approachable attitude
  • Show enthusiasm for your league(s)

Send resume to:

Please send your resume and a cover letter to intramur@uottawa.ca

Hockey Referee


Posting Dates: Monday August 3, 2020 to Monday August 31, 2020

Number of Positions: TBD

Hourly Rate: $22.44

Duration: September - April

Job Description:

Number of positions: TBD

All referees are responsible for officiating league games in a respectful, courteous, and professional manor, while providing a fun and safe environment for all Intramural participants. Hockey referees will implement established Intramural Hockey rules to the best of their abilities. Referees report directly to the Hockey Head referee and work in conjunction with the League Supervisor as well as the Program Coordinator(s) where necessary.

Experience / skills required:

  • Excellent knowledge of Hockey rules, usually acquired through experience officiating or participation;
  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills;
  • Demonstrated ability to effectively manage conflicts
  • Leadership qualities and ability to work as part of a dynamic team;
  • Good language competency (oral, written) in both English and French;
  • Recognized Referee Certification or willing to get certified before the start of the season.

Tasks and Responsibilities:

Before the season:

  • Maintain proper certification by an appropriate governing body;
  • Know and understand all rules specific to hockey and hockey league rules;
  • Provide availability to the Head Referee in a timely manner;
  • Attend meetings scheduled by the Head Referee;
  • Attend all mandatory meetings and training sessions.

During the season:

  • Officiate all games assigned by the Head Referee;
  • Finding a replacement for any assigned shifts for which you cannot be present;
  • Notify the Head Referee of all shift changes;
  • Ensure games start and end on time;
  • Referee fair and consistent games to the best of your ability;
  • Maintain a positive attitude around participants and peers;
  • Complete appropriate incident/accident reports when necessary prior to leaving the facility;
  • Immediately report major incidents/accidents to the League Supervisor;
  • Provide truthful and detailed reports if asked by the Head Referee or Disciplinary Committee;
  • Stay and officiate a friendly match in the event of a forfeit, as long as the minimum number of participants is present;
  • Communicate throughout the season with Head Referee;
  • Remain professional at all times;
  • Inspect facilities to ensure safe game play

Note: Referees cannot play in a league in which they officiate

Send resume to:

Please send your resume and a cover letter to intramur@uottawa.ca.

Fitness Attendant

Campus Recreation

Posting Dates: Tuesday August 4, 2020 to Monday August 31, 2020

Number of Positions: TBD

Hourly Rate: $14.25

Duration: Casual/Part-time

Job Description:

The Fitness Attendant is the first point of contact with all members entering the University of Ottawa’s fitness centres. Their presence in the fitness centres serves many purposes, most importantly helping members by answering questions and ensuring the proper use of equipment. Attendants must also ensure that members follow proper gym etiquette and follow fitness centre rules. Furthermore, attendants will ensure that the fitness centres and all equipment are well maintained by periodically checking and cleaning throughout their shifts. Fitness attendants must also be certified and be ready to provide first aid should such a situation arise. Fitness attendants may be asked to work morning, day, evening and/or weekend shifts at the Sport Services fitness centres.


  • A background in physical fitness, physical education, exercise physiology and/or health promotion
  • Some specialized training in the areas of personal training &/or exercise physiology
  • Current Standard First Aid and CPR-C/AED from an agency approved by Ontario WSIB
  • Fluent in both French and English (written, spoken, read)


  • Supervise all members of our fitness facilities and maintain a safe, friendly and welcoming environment
  • Work with Client Services to answer any questions clients may have
  • Give orientations to our new members to familiarize them with our facilities
  • Assist in maintenance of all fitness/wellness equipment (including personal training, health/activity, group fitness, and fitness equipment)
  • Assist in the cleaning of all fitness equipment
  • Advise the manager of malfunctioning equipment and needed replacements
  • Communicate with leaders and staff by providing them information on equipment, and feedback from participants on an on-going basis
  • Conduct daily inspections of fitness equipment
  • Bring requests for equipment from participants/clients to the attention of the manager

Send resume to:

Please submit a cover letter and resume to: Lenny Sabourin, Manager- Fitness and Instructional Programs at lenny.sabourin@uottawa.ca and/or Simone Julien-Sparks, Assistant Manager - Fitness Programs at simone.julien-sparks@uottawa.ca


Arbitre d’intra-muros


Posting Dates: Monday August 3, 2020 to Monday August 31, 2020

Number of Positions: 30

Hourly Rate: 14.00 $

Duration: Septembre – Avril

Job Description:

Tous les arbitres doivent arbitrer les parties de la ligue avec respect, courtoisie et professionnalisme, en créant une ambiance amusante et sécuritaire pour tous les participants des intra-muros. Les arbitres doivent respecter et faire respecter les règlements s’appliquant à la ligue d’intra-muros de leur sport du mieux qu’ils le peuvent. Les arbitres répondent à l’arbitre en chef de leur sport et travaillent en collaboration avec les superviseurs de ligue et les Coordonnateurs des programmes intra-muros lorsque nécessaire.

Expérience et qualités requises :

  • Excellente connaissance des règlements de leur sport, habituellement acquise grâce à de l’expérience en tant qu’arbitre ou participant;
  • Excellentes habiletés de communication et d’entregent;
  • Capable de résoudre des conflits de manière efficace;
  • Leadership et capacité à travailler au sein d’une équipe dynamique;
  • Bonnes compétences linguistiques (orales et écrites) en anglais et en français;
  • Certification d’arbitre reconnue ou volonté d’obtenir une certification avant le début de la saison.

Tâches et responsabilités :

Avant la saison :

  • S’assurer que sa certification d’un organisme reconnu est toujours valide;
  • Connaître et comprendre tous les règlements propres au leur sport et à la ligue;
  • Informer l’arbitre en chef de ses disponibilités en respectant les échéances;
  • Assister aux réunions organisées par l’arbitre en chef;
  • Assister à toutes les réunions obligatoires et aux séances de formation.

Pendant la saison :

  • Arbitrer toutes les parties assignées par l’arbitre en chef;
  • Trouver un remplaçant pour les parties assignées auxquelles vous ne pouvez être présents;
  • Aviser l’arbitre en chef de tout changement ou échange de quart de travail;
  • S’assurer que les parties commencent et se terminent à l’heure;
  • Tout faire en son possible pour arbitrer de façon juste et constante;
  • Maintenir une attitude positive autour des participants et de la foule;
  • Remplir un rapport d’incident/d’accident lorsque nécessaire avant de quitter les lieux;
  • Aviser immédiatement le Superviseur de ligue lorsque survient un incident/accident;
  • Témoigner de façon honnête et détaillée à l’arbitre en chef ou au Comité de discipline;
  • Rester pour arbitrer une partie amicale si l’une des deux équipes déclare forfait par défaut, pourvu que le nombre minimal de participants soient présents;
  • Communiquer avec l’arbitre en chef au cours de la saison;
  • Demeurer professionnel en tout temps;
  • Aider à installer et à ranger l’équipement de jeu;
  • Inspecter les installations afin de s’assurer qu’elles sont sécuritaires pour la partie.

À noter : Les arbitres ne peuvent pas jouer dans les ligues qu’ils arbitrent.

Send resume to:

Envoyer CV à: intramur@uottawa.ca (veuillez indiquer dans votre courriel quel(s) sport(s) vous souhaitez arbitrer)


Lifeguard/Instructor (Fall/Winter 2020)

Campus Recreation

Posting Dates: Monday August 3, 2020 to Wednesday September 9, 2020

Number of Positions: TBD

Hourly Rate: $15.61 to $18.25

Duration: Part-time work (up to 24 hours/week) available

Job Description:

Location: Aquatic Centre, Montpetit Hall 020, 125 University PRV, Ottawa, ON, K1N6N5
Posting Dates: August 3, 2020 to September 9, 2020
Number of Positions: TBD, based on operational need
Various shifts: days, evenings, and weekends
Affiliation: CUPE 2626-1 Lifeguards
Hourly Rate: $15.61 to $18.25 per hour, dependent on shift worked
Duration: Part-time work (up to 24 hours/week) available

Job Summary:

  • Performs the surveillance necessary to ensure the safety of all aquatic centre users.
  • Prevents accidents by enforcing health regulations, policies and procedures pertaining to the aquatic centre.
  • Performs rescues and first aid necessary for the preservation of life in a team setting.
  • Teaches aquatic instructional programs outlined in the Sports Services curriculum.
  • Completes administrative and support tasks including pool tests, attendance, incident reports, instructor report cards, facility maintenance tasks and duties as assigned by supervisor
  • The position requires the flexibility to work morning, day, night and/or weekend shifts at the aquatic centre.

Essential Qualifications:

  • Age: Minimum 16 years of age
  • Current Aquatic Certifications:
    • Lifesaving Society National Lifeguard: Pool Option
    • Standard First Aid with CPR-C and AED from one of: Lifesaving Society, Canadian Red Cross, Canadian Ski Patrol or St. John Ambulance
    • Lifesaving Society Airway Management or an equivalent oxygen therapy certification
    • Aquatic Instructor Certification (Lifesaving Instructor preferred (Swim or Lifesaving))
    • Advanced aquatic qualifications considered an asset
  • Working knowledge relative to an aquatic and sport environment
  • Past experience working in an aquatic setting
  • Ability to handle the stress of an emergency situation
  • Excellent public relations and customer service skills
  • Experience in using computer systems and software such as Windows, Word processing, spreadsheets/databases, e-mail and Internet
  • Responsible, organized and excellent time management skills
  • Ability to work independently and in a team
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Bilingualism – French and English (spoken, read and written) considered an asset

Send resume to:


  • Resume and Certifications: Please send your resume and proof of aquatic certifications to aquatics@uottawa.ca ; Subject line: Lifeguard / Sauveteur
  • Skills Screening: The aquatic coordinator will communicate with the applicant to schedule an aquatic skills screening to evaluate their lifeguarding skills.
  • Interviews: Successfully screened candidates may be asked for interview.
  • Police Records Check: Selected candidates will need to provide proof of a vulnerable sector police records check.

We thank all candidates for applying. We will only contact candidates selected for further consideration.