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1 Indoor cycling instructor 06 Oct

Indoor cycling instructor

Campus Recreation

Posting Dates: Friday September 6, 2019 to Sunday October 6, 2019

Number of Positions: 1

Hourly Rate: $35-$40

Job Description:

Indoor cycling instructors are responsible for teaching cycling classes that are safe and challenging for all participants. They are responsible for their safety as well as the participant’s safety at all times, therefore, the instructors must take attendance to ensure that every person has registered for the course or paid the drop in fee in order to attend the class. This ensures that everyone has signed a waiver/consent form. The instructors are also responsible for creating the classes/workouts for their participants as well as provide the music to go along with their classes. All instructors are responsible for reporting any broken or damage bikes to the manager in order for the bikes to be repaired as quickly as possible.


  • Certified by a recognized Indoor Cycling body (MAD DOGG, Keiser, etc.)
  • First Aid and CPR-C, including AED certification
  • Relevant experience in Indoor Cycling instruction


  • Responsible for promotion of health and fitness in the community;
  • The Indoor Cycling instructor should be professional and responsible at all times;
  • Introduce yourself to new people, smile and say hello. Get to know as many participants as possible;
  • Report any malfunction of equipment to the appropriate supervisor;
  • Ensure that no bags, jackets… are brought into the room;
  • Know the rules and regulations of the facility, and relay them to all participants. If someone is violating rules, causing disturbance, and or mistreating staff, equipment, or other members, inform them of the rules and politely ask them to follow them;
  • Be prepared to respond to an emergency that may occur in an aerobic class using current university procedure;
  • Be aware of literature and trends in fitness and fitness-related fields;
  • Be available to answer questions pertaining to her/his classes;
  • Encourage safety at all times.

SALARY: $35-$40 / hour based on years of experience.

Send resume to:

Please send application to: Lenny Sabourin: lsabouri@uottawa.ca