6 Reasons Why You Should Visit the Bike Coop

Monday October 5, 2015
Bike Coop

The Bike Coop is a service to help students fix, tune-up, paint, build, and be there for all their bike related needs. They also have workshops, brewery tours, bike raves, and BBQs. The Bike Coop is one of the 11 service centres on campus by the SFUO (Student Federation of the University of Ottawa). Here are the 6 biggest reasons why you should visit the bike Coop:

1. FREE for undergrads! Advice, bike parts, good music, events, FREE! No money!

2. Proximity. We are right on Lees Campus (200 Lees avenue Room A105), right by the Football Stadium.

3. Build a bike from SCRATCH! For real, we have everything you need.

4. Winter blues? We are open all winter long. Paint a bike while basking under our bright lights!

5. Meet other student cyclists at our workshops, brewery tours, bike raves and BBQs.

6. Take control of your transportation. Cycling is the future! Get a head start by visiting the Bike Coop.

Visit their website for more information: http://sfuo.ca/bikes/ (http://sfuo.ca/bikes/)