GG-fit kit

GG fit kit

The GG-fit kit has been carefully curated with your fitness needs in mind. This kit is a perfect way to bring your at-home or on-campus workout to the next level.

GG Fit KitPackaged in a drawstring bag, it includes:

  • A lacrosse ball
  • A 3-set of mini-resistance bands
  • A Gee-Gee branded cooling towel
  • A Gee-Gee branded buff
  • A reusable metal straw

Purchase your GG-fit kit online or at a client services desk. The kit costs 40$ (taxes included) and is a one-time, non-refundable purchase. Additional shipping costs may apply.

Delivery and pick-up of the GG-fit kit will be coordinated once the Stay-At-Home Order is lifted. 

  • lacrosse ball

  • mini-resistance bands

  • branded cooling towel

    Cooling Tawel
  • branded buff

    Banded Buff
  • reusable metal straw