Two kids under water at the Ottawa swimming camp.

Camp Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Take to the pool with our enthusiastic and certified swimming instructors. Swimming camps all include sessions from the Lifesaving Society’s “Swim for Life Program”. These daily one-hour sessions include entries and exits, surface support, underwater skills, survival skills, movement skills and Water Smarts® education. These essential skills will teach swimmers how to stay safe in and around water. The camp also includes many exciting activities including arts and crafts, games, a Water Fest and free swims. Participants of this camp will learn essential swimming skills while having fun and making friends.

Food Services: Daily lunches are provided and are included in the cost of the camp.


6 to 14 years old


Date Code Cost
Jun 24 to Jun 28, 2019* 9545 $280
Jul 2 to Jul 5, 2019** 9546 $230
Jul 8 to Jul 12, 2019 9547 $280
Jul 15 to Jul 19, 2019 9548 $280
Jul 22 to Jul 26, 2019 9549 $280
Jul 29 to Aug 2, 2019 9550 $280
Aug 6 to Aug 9, 2019*** 9551 $230
Aug 12 to Aug 16, 2019 9552 $280
Aug 19 to Aug 23, 2019 9553 $280

* Daily registrations are accepted for this week of camp.  For more information, please contact the Gee-Gees Camps administration.
** Closed for Canada Day – Monday July 1st 2019.
*** Closed on Ontario Civic Holiday – Monday August 5th 2019.

Upon registration, please indicate the level that best suits your child in swimming lessons based upon previous experiences. Aquatic staff will use the indicated level as a tool to select the appropriate group for each child to learn in a safe environment. Aquatic instructors are trained to assess the swimming abilities of the participants in their group and challenge each individual appropriately. The lifeguarding staff reserves the right to change campers’ levels based on their assessment.
Swim Reports that highlight areas of a swimmer’s strength, and areas for improvement, are provided at the end of the week. It is important to note that children do not pass or fail a swimming level. Rather, when they complete the necessary skills to move on to a more challenging group, an instructor will indicate that they are ready to move forward. Given the organization of swimming groups, this could mean that the swimmer will be working on more challenging skills, while still in a similar group.

The following conversion chart helps compare the Swim for Life program to the Red Cross Swim Kids program.
Equivalence Chart

Lifesaving Society Swimmers Red Cross Swim Kids Equivalent

Swimmer 1

Swim Kids 1 (IC) or (C) and 2 (IC)

Swimmer 2

Swim Kids 2 (C) and 3 (IC)

Swimmer 3

Swim Kids 3 (C) and 4 (IC)

Swimmer 4

Swim Kids 4 (C) and 5 (IC) or (C)

Swimmer 5

Swim Kids 6 (C) or 7 (IC) or (C)

Swimmer 6

Swim Kids 7 (C)