Garnet & Grey Multi-Sports

Multiple Sports

Camp Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

These camps feature an introduction of three sports, a tournament, skill trials, and various daily activities. Campers will be split according to their age, into our Garnet & Grey groups on the first day of camp. 

Garnet & Grey Multi-Sports is the ideal camp for high-energy sports lovers who would like to try something new or broaden their skill sets!  Our focus is developing confidence within a team, sense of fair play, teamwork with a focus on skill development.  This camp also includes arts and crafts, various games, and swim time throughout the week. 

Note: Sports may change without notice. 

Mindful Movements (New!), an interactive session with a certified fitness instructor to take campers through functional movements and body awareness. 

All of our camps are offered bilingually. 




Date Activities Age group Code Cost
Jun 22 to Jul 2, 2021** Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball and Badminton Garnet 6-9 13271 $275
Jul 5 to Jul 9, 2021 Soccer, Flag Football and Mindful Movements Garnet 6-9 13272 $275
Jul 12, to Jul 16, 2021 Basketball, Ultimate Frisbee and Pickleball Garnet and Grey 6-14 13273 $275
Jul 19 to Jul 23, 2021 Volleyball, Swimming and Track and Field Garnet 6-9 13274 $275
Jul 26 to Jul 30, 2021 Flag Football, Badminton and Mindful Movements Garnet and Grey 6-14 13275 $275
Aug 3 to Aug 6, 2021*** Basketball, Track and Field and Handball Garnet 6-9 13276 $275
Aug 9 to Aug 13, 2021 Soccer, Basketball and Track and Field Garnet and Grey 6-14 13277 $275
Aug 16 to Aug 20, 2021 Mindful Movements, Soccer and Flag Football Garnet 6-9 13278 $275

*Daily registrations are accepted for this week of camp. For more information, please contact the Gee-Gees Camps administration.

** Closed for Canada Day –Thursday July 1,2021.
*** Closed on Ontario Civic Holiday – Monday August 2, 2021.