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Varsity FAQ

What is the process to follow if I would like to play on a varsity team at the University of Ottawa?

It is important to first contact the head coach of the program you are interested in. This can be done through an email or through our Online Recruiting Form. Depending on the program, the coach will ask you for more specific information with regards to your playing experience in that sport. Many varsity student-athletes are recruited to compete for the University of Ottawa after being identified by the head coach. Open try-outs are also held at the beginning of training camps, but contacting the coach prior to is very important.

What kind of time commitment is involved in competing as a varsity student-athlete?

Our varsity teams hold between four to six practices per week. Individual training sessions and video analysis sessions are usually required to supplement your training in the sport. Most varsity teams compete on weekends, which may require additional travel time for any out-of-town competitions.

When do varsity teams begin official training for the season?

The earliest varsity teams can begin official training is August 15. Our football, women’s rugby, women’s soccer and cross country teams usually begin practices shortly thereafter. Our winter sports usually begin official training once the semester begins in September.

Are athletic scholarships provided to varsity student-athletes at the University of Ottawa?

Yes, Athletic Financial Awards (AFAs) are provided in abundance to varsity student-athletes. Entering student-athletes with an 80% admissions average can be awarded up to $4000 in AFAs upon recommendation of the head coach (please note that the admissions average used here is not the same as the average used by the University to determine academic entrance awards). Returning student-athletes with a 70% average from the preceding year can also be awarded up to $3500 in AFAs. Returning AFAs are determined based on financial need, merit, nomination by the coach and/or submission of an application, depending on the type of AFA.

What do I do if I have to miss a class or exam for a competition?

The first thing any student-athlete must do if they anticipate missing a class or exam due to competition is to contact the professor and discuss with them any arrangements that must be made in order to make up for the work missed. It is the responsibility of the student-athlete to initiate contact with the professor and it is to the discretion of the professor to make special accommodation for the student-athlete. If an official letter is required by the professor to confirm participation of the student-athlete on a varsity team, the Student-Athlete Services Officer can be contacted to create this.

How many courses do I have to be registered in to compete as a varsity student-athlete?

All Gee-Gee varsity student-athletes must be registered full-time (4 courses per semester or designated as full-time by their faculty) while they are competing in order to be eligible. Exceptions can be made in some situations; contact the head coach, the Student-Athlete Services Officer or the Assistant Director, Programs and Services for more information.

What do I do if I am having difficulties with my course work?

Academic support is provided to varsity student-athletes through student mentors that provide on-going academic guidance and counseling. Academic issues can be discussed with the mentor assigned to the team, who can then assist by directing you to tutoring services, counseling services or by providing further guidance themselves.

What do I do if I am injured in competition?

During competitions, each varsity team is provided with student therapists who are trained to provide immediate assistance and care. A head therapist, a physiotherapist and team of doctors complete the varsity Athletic Therapy team. Their services are provided to all varsity student-athletes free of charge.