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RECAP: Champagne and Casarin earn Gee-Gees a pair of bronze medals on Day One

Thursday February 22, 2018
Davide Casarin swims freestyle at U SPORTS championship
Martin Bazyl

The Gee-Gees swimming team saw two of its members step onto the podium on Day One at the 2018 U SPORTS National Championship at the University of Toronto.

Davide Casarin earned the Gee-Gees first medal of the day as well as Casarin’s first ever U SPORTS medal. In the first 50m of the men’s 200 freestyle the top three swimmers set themselves apart from the rest of the pack. Casarin was sitting in second place after the first 50m but by the 100m mark he had fallen back to third place. In the next 50m he made up some time on the swimmer ahead of him, but it was not enough to move up to the next spot on the podium. Davide took the bronze medal in the men’s 200m freestyle finishing in a time of 1:45.92, a personal best by more than half a second.

Montana Champagne was the favourite in the 400m IM and got off the blocks quick. Champagne was the leader through the first stroke although it was a tight race, with the first six swimmers all turning at the 100m mark within a second of one another. After the backstroke Champagne found himself in fourth place, he made up some time and turned at the 300m mark in third place, just behind Josh Zakala of the University of Victoria. With 50m to go Montana tried to kick it up a gear but was narrowly edged out. Champagne won the bronze medal, his second consecutive U SPORTS medal in the 400m IM event.

The Gee-Gees also had eight more swimmers compete in the B and C finals during day one of the championships. Mackenzie Finkbeiner and Delphine Vandal both finished the women’s 200m freestyle with new personal bests, finishing 15th and 17th respectively. James Cormier also swam a personal best in the men’s 200m freestyle and finished in 13th.

Erin Power finished 24th in the women’s 50m back, while Miles Ruttan finished 16th in the same event in the men’s competition. First-years Lauren Shearer and Samantha Mallon competed in the B and C finals respectively in the women’s 100m breaststroke placing 16th and 19th. Dana Sherrard and Katherine Peel were the only Gee-Gees to compete in the 100m butterfly finishing in 24th and 42nd. Wrapping up individual events on day one Anne-Marie Kaczmarcyk finished 27th in the women’s 400m IM.

Day one of the championships finished off with women’s and men’s 400m freestyle relays. The team of Cattuong Le, Mackenzie Finkbeiner, Delphine Vandal, and Dana Sherrard placed 13th on the women’s side for the Gee-Gees. While on the men’s side of the competition teammates James Cormier, Miles Ruttan, Montana Champagne, and Davide Casarin finished off the day with a 12th place finish in the relay.



Gee-Gees Complete Individual Results Day One:

Women’s 200m Freestyle Final

15 - Mackenzie Finkbeiner – 2:03.69

17 - Delphine Vandal - 2:02.08

Men’s 200m Freestyle Final

3 - Davide Casarin – 1:45.92

13 - James Cormier – 1:51.24

Women’s 50m Backstroke Final

24 - Erin Power – 30.15

Men’s 50m Backstroke Final

16 - Miles Ruttan – 26.31

Women’s 100m Breaststroke Final

16 - Lauren Shearer – 1:12.66

Women’s 100m Butterfly Final

24 - Dana Sherrard - 1:03.73

Women’s 400m IM Final

27 - Anne Marie Kaczmarcyk – 5 :07.15

Men’s 400m IM Final

3 - Montana Champagne – 4:11.96

Women’s 400m Freestyle Relay Final

13 - Cattuong Le, Mackenzie Finkbeiner, Delphine Vandal, and Dana Sherrard – 3:54.68

Men’s 400m Freestyle Relay Final

12th - James Cormier, Miles Ruttan, Montana Champagne, and Davide Casarin – 3:25.23

Women’s 200m Freestyle Preliminaries

15 - Mackenzie Finkbeiner – 2:03.28 (Advanced to B Final)

22 - Delphine Vandal - 2:04.31 (Advanced to C Final)

Men’s 200m Freestyle Preliminaries

4 - Davide Casarin – 1:48.67 (Advanced to A Final)

14 - James Cormier – 1:51.81 (Advanced to B Final)

Women’s 50m Backstroke Preliminaries

24 - Erin Power – 30.15

Men’s 50m Backstroke Preliminaries

16 - Miles Ruttan – 26.06 (Advanced to B Final)

Women’s 100m Breaststroke Preliminaries

14 - Lauren Shearer – 1:12.18 (Advanced to B Final)

18 - Samantha Mallon – 1:12.62 (Advanced to C Final)

Women’s 100m Butterfly Preliminaries

21 - Dana Sherrard - 1:03.19 (Advanced to C Final)

42 - Katherine Peel – 1:06.19

Women’s 400m IM Preliminaries

27 - Anne Marie Kaczmarcyk – 5:07.15

Men’s 400m IM Preliminaries

4 - Montana Champagne – 4:15.97 (Advanced to A Final)