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Gee-Gees fall to Huskies at CIS

Friday March 18, 2016
Gee-Gees in action
James West (CIS)

(with files from CIS)

FREDERICTON (CIS) – The Saskatchewan Huskies withstood a first quarter defensive wall, and a third quarter push back from Ottawa Gee Gees to take the first game of the CIS women's basketball championship by a score of 73-62. The second ranked Huskies scored 25 points in the final quarter, after trailing in the third 49-48.

Fifth year veteran Dalyce Emmerson had 17 rebounds and scored 25 points in the game, including 9 in the final quarter to lead her team to the win. Emmerson said the seventh ranked Gee Gees kept the Huskies on their toes.

"We have a lot of veterans on this team. We used that experience to keep our composure and settle in on defence to take the game," she said.

Kellie Ring led the Ottawa Gee Gees with 19 points and 8 total rebounds. She said it was hard to contain Dalyce Emmerson. "We fought hard but we had a few defensive lapses. Emmerson was hard to defend against."

Ring was pleased with the team effort, despite the score. "Our game plan was to get their best players in foul trouble, and we did with Laura Dally, but we just could not control Emmerson." U of S's Laura Dally was the 2015-16 Canada West player of the year, but was in foul trouble by the end of the first quarter.

"We are perceived as being underdogs, but we worked hard. We led the score at the third, but in the fourth the shots we took were just not going in," she said.

With the win Saskatchewan advances to the semi-final round on Saturday, while Ottawa plays in the consolation round tomorrow.

Ring said Ottawa U. still has something to prove. "We came in ranked seventh, and we could come out after tomorrow ranked fifth. We want to fight for that chance to compete and improve."

Nearly 50 Saskatchewan fans made the trip to Fredericton. Emmerson said that was like having a hometown crowd at the game. "We have parents, grandparents, boyfriends, sisters and brothers here, and that adds a lot for us. We have some family members flying in on Friday. All of that creates an atmosphere for us, and added to our efforts."

The CIS championship trophy for women's basketball is the Bronze Baby. It was donated in 1922 by the Students' Council of McGill University.




Points: Dalyce Emmerson(25), Desarae Hogberg(14)

Rebounds: Dalyce Emmerson(17), Kelsey Trulsrud(8)

Assists: Sabine Dukate(6)

Player of the game: Dalyce Emmerson



Points: Kellie Ring(19), Sarah Besselink(10)

Rebounds: Kellie Ring(8), Kellie Forand(5)

Assists: Julia Soriano(4)

Player of the game: Kellie Ring