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10 Questions with a Gee-Gee: Holiday Edition

Thursday December 16, 2010

Full Name: Alexandra Naylor               
Age: 18
Sport: women’s basketball
Position: wing/small forward
Program of Choice: human kinetics
Sponsors (i.e. OSAP, mom & dad, credit line/card): mom and dad

1. What is your favourite holiday movie?
Love actually

2. Any special plans for the holidays?
Going home to Calgary then to Victoria to visit family

3. One word to describe your study habits?

4. Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas?
Happy Christmas!

5. What is your ideal Christmas feast?
Turkey soup afterward!

6. Do you have an ugly Christmas sweater?

7. Did you decorate your apartment/room this year?
Of course.

8. What is the best and worst part of Christmas for you?
Seeing family is the best; the over-advertising is the worst.

9. Would you consider yourself to be Santa or Scrooge this year?

10. Favourite memory of 2010?
When we won the OUA east final against Carleton and qualified for nationals.