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About Us

Our Mission

The University of Ottawa is ideally situated along the Rideau Canal in the heart of Canada’s capital. The women’s basketball program is proud to be a part of the great athletic tradition at the University of Ottawa and lives by the core values of athletic and academic excellence, community involvement, and personal growth. It is the goal of the program to deliver a model of academic and athletic excellence within the CIS and to represent the school as well as the community at the highest level of competition, with the ultimate goal of winning a national championship.

Academic Excellence

The student–athlete has come to the University of Ottawa, first and foremost, to develop her academic understanding, while earning the privilege of pursuing her passion for basketball at the CIS level. Our program provides the resources needed to allow each player to self-actualize in the classroom. From the academic mentor, to tutors and mandatory study halls, the student is supported throughout the year by our “Side by Side” program to ensure that every academic need is taken care of. Athletic Excellence The ability to play at the CIS level is a great honour and the student-athlete will be expected to do everything possible to develop herself, not only as an athlete, but also as a valuable team member. Training is a year round expectation and we have strong fitness and mental training programs, as well as an excellent medical support staff, to keep the athletes in the best possible condition.

Coaching and Support Staff

We have assembled an outstanding coaching staff with strong educational backgrounds who are concerned about the overall development of the student-athlete. They are passionate about the sport of basketball and have a strong skill set to make sure players and the team have the opportunity to realize their full athletic potential. The coaching and support staff includes the head coach, a team of assistant coaches, and a team of supporting trainers and therapists. As coaches and past players we are proud to be a part of the University of Ottawa women’s basketball family and we look forward to working with the young women who share our goals for success and personal growth.

Community Involvement

It is the expectation of our program that all the team members will get involved in the Ottawa community as representatives of our school and exhibit the attributes that they have gained over their years as a student-athlete. This involvement includes school and community based activities, such as volunteer coaching and learn to read programs, as well as getting involved in the life of our own school in roles such as athlete’s council. Personal Growth The challenges of personal skill development, achieving common team goals and maintaining a strong academic standing while working in the community, will unquestionably result in our team personal goals of character, commitment and achievement.