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A well-deserved retirement for Luc Gélineau

Sunday February 1, 2015
Luc Gelineau in black and white in front of sports frames.
uOttawa Archives

January 30th 2015 was a day filled with emotion for Luc Gélineau. After being the Director of Sports Services at the University of Ottawa for over 19 years, saying goodbye to his colleagues was not an easy thing to do. However, it is with pride that Gélineau stepped down from his position to move on to a well-deserved retirement.

The construction of the Minto Sports Complex in 2000, and Gee-Gees Field (dome) last year are just two of the many legacies that he will leave at the University of Ottawa.  The dome project took Gélineau almost 10 years to come to fruition which finally saw the Gee-Gees football program host its first regular season game in the fall of 2014. ‘’Having a campus downtown is definitely a challenge but it was important for me that our football team beneficiate from on-site facilities’’, admitted the new retiree.

Another priority for the Director of Sports Services during his mandate was to improve financial support for the student-athletes. ‘’At first, we just couldn’t give athletic scholarships. Now our student-athletes can receive up to $4000 a year’’, revealed Gélineau in an interview. The additional financial support to its various varsity teams has also improved over the last decade, especially with the introduction of the National Recognition Program. The project that consisted of an in-depth and lengthy examination of its varsity programs, aimed to give extra funding to the varsity programs that have known the most success in recent years – Football, Women’s soccer, and both basketball programs.  

The list of changes and improvements made during Luc’s reign goes on and on. “I don't think very many people could have maintained as much consistency while driving so many new initiatives to secure our financial and operational foundation”, Gee-Gees Women’s Volleyball coach Lionel Woods said about Gélineau. Student-athletes, alumni, coaches and colleagues will remember him as a man who had sport at heart and the student-athletes as a priority. His countless hours of work to improve the athletic experience on campus are undeniable and everyone can appreciate the legacy he leaves behind. Luc truly defined what it means to have the heart of a Gee-Gee.