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Saddle Up Program

Saddle Up is a new project to encourage Gee-Gees Student Athletes to attend each other’s games and events. This project is a collaboration between Student Services and the Student Athlete Council (SAC). The information will be hosted on the SAC Facebook page.


End of year prizes (from Student Spirit Fund)

  • $1000 for the winning varsity program
  • $1000 for the winning club program

Monthly prizes for most points (limited quantity)

  • Food
  • Gee-Gee swag (tuques, scarves, bags, etc.)
  • Premium game tickets (Panda Game, Colonel By Classic, Capital Hoops)


At home games or events, team members will post a picture where the background is clearly visible. All players attending must be tagged in the picture, as well as the Gee-Gees account, to earn their points. Participants can use either their personal or team social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram*). Multiple photos of the same group at the same event can be posted to maximize points for the team.

The total score for the team at the end of the season will be divided by the number of members on the team to make sure each team has equal opportunities. Roster size will be defined as any player that has a headshot taken at the beginning of the season for varsity teams and any player on the roster for club teams.

10 points will be awarded per game attended, per athlete, per social media account. Example: 5 players tagged per post (50 points) x 6 different accounts (personal + team) x 3 social media platforms = 900 points.

If a personal Instagram account is private, athletes can send a screenshot of your post with the date and the tags visible to get points.

Additional points

The Student Athlete Council will have the power to assign up to 1000 points/week for:

  • Volunteering/involvement in the community
  • Completing challenges
  • Attending SAC Events
  • Gee-Gee Performance Events (Varsity only)
  • Creativity of posts

Tracking of points and communications

Tracking of accumulated points would be done by the Work Study Students at Student Services. A monthly update will be posted on the SAC Facebook group.