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Kick to Win Gabriel Pizza

Gabriel PizzaKick and Win with Gabriel’s Pizza!

**The contest is currently closed and will be back next season.

Register now to our new Kick and Win contest to get the chance to win free pizza for a year*, courtesy of Gabriel’s Pizza!

Close your eyes and imagine you are at the 40-yard line on the new Gee-Gees Field with the crowd cheering you on. You take a run up, you kick… FIELD GOAL! You just won free pizzas for a year* courtesy of Gabriel’s Pizza! This is not a dream - it’s the new Gee-Gees contest, offered in collaboration with Gabriel’s Pizza.

One contestant will be randomly chosen amongst all the registration forms for every Gee-Gees home game. The contestant will try to kick the ball from three distances, 20-yards, 30-yards, and 40-yards.

For a successful 20-yard kick, the contestant will receive a voucher for one free pizza. For a successful 30-yard kick, the contestant will receive free pizza for a month** and for a successful 40-yard kick, the contestant will win free pizza for A YEAR*!

To register, simply fill in the form below. Sports Services will contact the people who are randomly selected in advance of each game.

This contest is open to Ontario residents only.

*You will receive 52 vouchers for a free medium three toppings pizza.

** You will receive 4 vouchers for a free medium three toppings pizza.

See the contest rules.