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Baseball (M)

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After formation as a group of ball players who attended the University of Ottawa in 1995, the team played a schedule with teams from Quebec, as well as, Carleton University for the first number of years. After its inaugural season Kevin Bullock, the team's administrative manager, at the suggestion of player Adam Nihmey, approached Larry Belanger, a local youth baseball coach to help move the team forward. Larry recruited another local coach, Terry Hierlihy, and the seeds of the current strong baseball program were sown.

Over the next four to five years, the team became stronger both on the field and as a presence on campus. A number of efforts to gain some kind of official status on campus failed but the team remained strong as a "club" under the umbrella of the University of Ottawa Students Federation (SFUO). The big breakthrough came in 2002 with the creation of Competitive Sports Clubs (CSC) under the direction of Sports Services at the school. As one of the leading teams in the new athletic category, the baseball program has made further gains in on-campus recognition and competitive strength.

The Gee-Gees continually ranked in the top ten of the Canadian Intercollegiate Baseball Association (CIBA) rankings, many times at number one. This season the Gee-Gees are proud to take part in the inaugural season of the CCBA (Canadian Collegiate Baseball Association) which is replacing CIBA as the new and improved governing body for collegiate baseball across Canada.

As a CSC team, within the structure of Sports Services at the university, the team usually receives partial financing from the school and raises the remainder of its required budget through nominal player fees and sponsorship.

The team made up of an 18 to 20 player roster and a taxi squad of 4 to 6 players plays a 20 game schedule in September and October leading to playoffs and the CCBA National Championship Tournament in the third week of October.


Matthew Brown, President