Yolo Yoga, because summer is finally here!

Tuesday June 12, 2018
people doing yoga on tabaret lawn

The days are hot and sunny, and summer has finally arrived in Ottawa! But how can you enjoy this gorgeous weather when you have to work or study inside all day? The University has just what you need!

Every Monday at noon, come lie down on the lawn in front of Tabaret Hall to practice your yoga poses, relax and boost your vitamin D levels after the cold winter. Students Services offer you an hour of yoga, from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm, with soft music to help you reconnect with nature and yourself.

If you are busy on Mondays at noon or if you prefer an activity that will make you sweat, we offer Zumba classes every Thursday from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm at University Square.

What’s best? These activities are free and Health Promotion offers you a drink to stay hydrated. Monday, a delicious strawberry lemonade was served to participants.

For more information about the activities offered on campus this summer, you can check out the Campus Rec Calendar on the Gee-Gees website.

You don’t work on campus? Well, no excuses! Ottawa offers plenty of activities to keep you active this summer. Every Wednesday at noon, you can take part in Yoga on the Hill, in front of the Parliament, to soak up the sun. For more information, click here.