Working Out at uOttawa

Tuesday January 30, 2018

All are welcome at the University of Ottawa Fitness facilities whether you’re an employee, student, or member of the community! If you are brand new to working out, a seasoned vet or someone looking to get back into it, there are few things you should know when working out at the Montpetit Fitness Centre and the Health and Lifestyle Complex. Here are a few tips to making your next workout a great one:

Always Carry ID

A student card, employee card, or membership card gives you access to the facilities. If you forget it, another piece of photo ID will do, but remember, keep it on you during the length of your workout! An ID also allows you to rent out equipment like resistance bands, skipping ropes and lockers.

Come Dressed to Impress

There is no dress code at the gym, however, activewear is a must so that means no jeans, boots, sandals, or bare feet.

Sign Up for Cardio Machines

When you first enter either facility, a sign-up sheet is there for you to rent any of the cardio machines for up to 30 minutes. Whether you’re warming up or training for that marathon, you must sign up!

Pick Up Your Weights

Our attendants are strong and always there to help, however when not in use, put your dumbbells or plates back in their rightful spot for somebody else to use.

Clean Machines After Use

You and everybody around you are working hard, use the bottles and towels spread around the gym to clean any machine after use.

Mix Up Your Workout

Along with the two fitness facilities, there is a pool, martial arts room, 3 gymnasiums and dance studio at Montpetit, as well as 2 regulation squash courts and multipurpose room at the Health and Lifestyle Centre. If you’re bored with your routine, reserve a squash court or head to the pool for a lane swim!

Ask a Fitness Attendant

The Fitness Attendants are dressed in blue shirts so they are hard to miss! If you have a question on proper form, how to use a machine, or anything else they are there to help you!