Win or Lose: Intramurals Bring a Load of Fun

Monday February 1, 2016
Intramurals - Ice Hockey

“Yeah I’ve got eight white, two minutes for hooking.”

Not sure if Trevor Hickling, the all-star forward on intramural ice hockey team, ‘Who Shattenkirks Bed?’ necessarily agreed with this call, but that was not a battle he could end up winning.

Hickling, born in Athens, Ontario, has been playing hockey is whole life and is currently in his third year of studies here at the University of Ottawa.  During this game, Hickling’s team fought hard against the undefeated Meds HC, who have managed to maintain a 12-0 record over this past season. Although the game ended in a 7-1 loss for Hickling and the boys, you could tell it was all fun and games by all the laughter coming from that bench.

The Wednesday Garnet league is one of the most competitive hockey divisions in our intramural program, but also provides an extremely safe and fun environment. If this sounds like the right league for you, make sure to find a team for next semester and get yourself signed up!

Collin Wong
Intramural Supervisor