What our clients have to say about personal training

Wednesday March 11, 2020

Ever wonder what it’s really like to work out with a personal trainer? We thought you might be curious so we asked a couple long-time clients to share their experiences with personal training here at the University of Ottawa.

Both clients featured in this article currently work with Sarvanez Heirani Moghaddam. Sarvanez, who also goes by Sarv, has been working as a personal trainer since 2019. She is a Human Kinetics masters students here at the University of Ottawa.

Maurice Prevost:

"I am a retired uOttawa employee and have been working with Personal Trainers at the Montpetit gym since 2017. I enjoy this way of interacting with current students. There are several ways I benefit from the training. In the winter, I am a keen cross-country skier and find that my training helps with stability, endurance, and power going uphill. This winter I also played golf during an 11-day break in Florida. Thanks to my training, I played quite well and did not suffer any back strain, which has at times in the past been a problem for me. Because of these types of benefits, I will definitely continue working out with the help of Personal Trainers at uOttawa".

David Sankoff:

"I have been guided by personal trainers at the Minto gym for over ten years, and they have helped me keep healthy and fit. Exemplifying the best qualities of these expert trainers for the past six months, Sarvanez Moghaddam has been particularly effective in identifying my strengths and weaknesses, planning a varied and interesting program of exercises designed to improve my posture, balance, movements, and strength. She is not only obviously very highly trained herself, but extremely perceptive in following and expertly correcting my performance. Over the las few months, I have noted distinct progress in my physical condition and abilities. 

Easygoing but professional and assiduous, Sarvanez is an excellent communicator and a pleasure to work with".

Our personal training team is made up of knowledgeable individuals with various backgrounds. If you’d like to work with Sarv or to find out more about personal training here at uOttawa, check out our trainer bios or fill out a personal training request form. Our team will do their best to match you with the trainer that best suits your needs.