"The intramural program at uOttawa has been an integral part of my university career."

Wednesday March 23, 2016
Vince Kang

Intramurals isn’t just about playing sports. It’s an opportunity for people to gather and release their energy after a tough week of studying. Intramurals gives people the opportunity to meet others and establish relationships that can last a lifetime. The program establishes a safe place for those who want to compete at any level to be a part of something bigger. The intramural program at uOttawa has been an integral part of my university career.

I write this letter as both an employee and participant. Throughout my university career; I’ve worked as a volleyball, dodgeball, flag football, and basketball referee. I also served as the volleyball head referee for one year. The time that I’ve invested into the program can demonstrate the love I’ve established for the intramural family. My co-workers are family, we suffer the brunt of tough participants and we bounce back to make the tough and correct calls. We support each other and develop an environment to learn a new love for the game.

As a participant the experiences I’ve created memories that will last a life time. I remember beating the undefeated reigning champions in volleyball my second year in intramurals. I remember the game winning point and storming the court to mob my teammates. I remember the celebration that we had after and how it remained the topic of discussion for years to come. I remember creating that memory again multiple times over the five years I spent here at uOttawa. Intramurals has created unbreakable bonds and lasting memories. 

In conclusion, I really just wanted to say thank you. I wanted to sincerely thank everyone who’s been a part of my intramural career. Specifically; those who don’t always get the acknowledgement from the participants and from the front line – Kayla Herdman, Trevor Gris and Michel Drapeau. Thank you to all the wonderful supervisors and referees that I’ve had the pleasure of working with throughout the years. Thank you to all the participants that I’ve played against or had the pleasure of reffing. Thank you for fostering a community that has promoted competition, comradery and a love for the game.