Teams Playing for the Coveted Garnet Spots in the First Week of Dodgeball

Friday January 22, 2016
Intramurals - Dodgeball

It’s the first week of dodgeball at the Lees gym and competition is tough as teams make their first attempt to make it into the big leagues. Referees have their whistles all shined up and are ready to go as the first matches kick of the intramural season. Lots of returning teams fight to defend their title while the first dodgeball teams play to make a name for themselves in the Dodgeball legacy.

As the first week is to scope out the competition as opposed to counting for standings, teams are sizing each-other up as they play for the coveted spots in the Garnet League.  Tuesdays and Fridays alike, the competition is tough. Tuesdays the “Average Joes” face off against “Blood Sweat and Beers” while on the other side of the wall the “Averages Joes” (note the "s") are playing off against “Dodge Dip Duck Dive Dodge” in attempt to redeem themselves after making it to the semi-finals last semester. The 9:00 games had returning veterans “DMV-Ballon/Ballin” vs. newtimers “Game of Throws” and Geologists “Dodging Balls Allanite” vs. “Moose Knucklers”. Returning champions and multi-season veterans “Mighty Docs” play off against “Mikeys Team” while “Probably Going to the Bar” play "Snoop Dodgy Dodge”. As officials and supervisors, we appreciate this year creativity of team names being brought to the court.

If Tuesdays are intense then Fridays are going to be nuts. Last year’s winter semester champions “Dodge City” are returning this year as “Dodge and Chill” and are playing off against new comers “DMV – Dodge Very Much”. While Teachers College students “Great in B.Ed” play returning team “Don’t Stop Ballieving”. “Dirty Mike and the Boys and Girls” are “Dodging Under the Influence” as the two face-off to make a name for themselves. “Bed Ballers” compete to win against “The Untouchaballs” who are attempting to get their title back as League Champions, as they were dethroned last semester. “Daj Mahal” and “Hold My Balls” play while on the other side “Avg Joes” and “Dan Lit A Cat on Fire” face off.

Categorizing these teams into the Garnet and Grey divisions was a challenge, however not one our referees shy away from; they are up for any challenge.

Based off the first week alone, we can already see that it is going to be a great semester

Kirsten Smythe,

Head Dodgeball Referee