Strong and powerful with Anick

Tuesday December 3, 2019

Anick, a third year engineering student wants you to know that you are powerful.

Anick started working as a personal trainer two years ago when she decided she wanted to become her own teacher. She learned the technical components of training and took her fitness into her own hands. Taking this initiative has left Anick feeling empowered and confident and that feeling is what she wants her clients to achieve.

This trainer sees an outcome based objective as part of a bigger path. A step in the right direction towards something so much more important. The end goal on this path is a feeling. A feeling of strength, a feeling of confidence, a feeling of happiness.

Anick believes that it is important to let her clients know that there is no one ideal body type. Being confident is what makes you beautiful.

She describes a time where she was hesitant to work with clients, as she did not believe that she had the “personal training body type” to inspire others. However, over time Anick realised the following:

  • There is no such thing as an ideal body type
  • We are more than our bodies; she has the knowledge to help clients achieve their goals and her personality makes her a compassionate and empathetic trainer
  • AND she is a strong, independent, BEAUTIFUL woman!

Anick wants to help you come to these realisations for yourself, the growth she has experienced from fitness is exactly what she wants other to experience.

She promises that if you work with her and you feel uncomfortable doing a movement in front of others, she’ll do an even funnier looking movement and make sure to be extra loud so that people look at her and you can focus on getting your workout in. Going about the gym should be about working on yourself!

Fitness has made Anick feel like a leader and her clients are lucky to be working with someone who wants them to become a leader.

Feeling inspired? Get your workout on in one of the University of Ottawa’s fitness centres and check out our list of exceptional personal trainers if you want some guidance on your path to fitness and fulfillment.