Staying active

Friday June 19, 2020
Woman doing Yoga

Being physically active makes your mind as well as your body feel good since your body releases Endorphins when you exercise - the happy hormone! You will also likely feel a sense of pride and accomplishment once your workout is over, knowing that you’ve just pushed yourself past your comfort zone.

With the current global pandemic, your usual workout options may no longer be accessible to you. Maybe you’d like to use extra time off to start working out. Or maybe you are just looking to add some routine and structure to your day. Whatever your reason to get active is, here are some ways to do it while practicing physical distancing. 

Spend time outside walking, running, or biking to get your body moving. If you’ve been wanting to start running, now is the perfect time! Discover running tips and tricks from Jenn Dumoulin in this article. Running, walking, and biking solo or with someone from your household are now considered safe activities, so take advantage of the Provincial Parks and trails which are now accessible. You can also run on the certain parts of the Queen Elisabeth Parkway, which are closed to cars during the day to allow for more space for runners and walkers!

Try going outside with someone from your household to throw a frisbee or a ball!

Follow live or recorded workouts and videos online. You can find a variety of pre-recorded videos on our @uOCampus YouTube page like a yoga class, a core and mobility workout, EMOM workout, and many more that are being continuously updated!

Do you prefer live fitness sessions? We have those too! Check out the weekly schedule from our Virtual Wellness Series for live sessions of yoga, zumba, legs and core and more. We’ve got you covered when it comes to active and healthy living.