Stay in Shape – Both Mentally and Physically with a Personal Trainer

Monday October 23, 2017
A Gee-Gees personal trainer helps a client

With the current promotional discount of the Gee-Gees Personal Training Package, we decided to look into the program and explore the benefits of working with a Personal Trainer. Many of us are always looking to find the best way to stay in shape, especially when the cold weather drops in to say hello and whisper the dreaded “Hey! Go get a Beaver Tail and stay warm,” in our ears. But its time we ignore that whisper and we hop back onto the fitness train and chug away to a better us… Now, the concept of a Personal Trainer is not really understood by many, so we decided we would find the best people to answer our questions about the program: current clients of the Personal Trainers. Here are their reasons why you should sign up for a Gee-Gees Personal Training Package.

Why did you endeavor working with a Personal Trainer?

“Years ago, I listened to my body, telling me that something was not right. I knew that I needed to move better… Took me a long time to act on my knowledge but I finally decided to give a try to the Desktop Pros. In fact, I didn't try any other offer because I immediately noticed the fit between my perceived needs and the solution.”

“I wanted to achieve some goals, and my knowledge about sports and how to achieve goals was very limited. Plus, who doesn’t want to get good quality service?”

“I love it as a group. It motivates me versus doing it alone.”

How hard was the process of signing up? Is it affordable?

“Very easy to sign up. Much more affordable than Goodlife!”

“It was easy to sign up, you just need to fill in the form at the front desk and they will contact you the day after.”

“Easy peasy to sign up. Yes, it is affordable but if you sign up every 6 weeks, it does end up costing a fair bit over the course of a year. That being said, the results are so powerful that I try to find the money to sign up. It is worth it.”

What makes your Personal Trainer unique?

“Because, through the sessions, we develop a kind of relationship, a friendship based on trust. My PT knows when I can do something, and how to successfully achieve my goals.”

“She listens to our needs however she knows what motivates us to work harder.”

“Enthusiasm, commitment to my well-being, and time flexibility!”

What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed since starting the Personal Training program?

“More focused, more zen, stronger, and all this takes my confidence to a new level. Leaner body, any excess fat melts away without any extra effort.”

“I am becoming stronger. This workout is keeping me from working at lunch, and that is very important to me.”

“Increased range of motion, and a boost in confidence in self ability.”

What was your proudest moment during training?

“First time doing a set of deadlifts in years!”

“I can do a plank for at least 2 minutes!”

“My proudest moment was when I realized just how much stronger I have become.”

Who would you recommend the Personal Trainer program to?

“Someone who wants to achieve goals with basic knowledge in sports or exercise, and someone who is looking for motivation.”

“Anyone who wants to feel focused, zap away stress chemicals, increase strength & boost happiness.”

“All my colleagues!”


The Personal Training promotions run until October 31st. The first promotion grants anybody a discount of 15% towards the program. The second promo is an exclusive Employee Membership with a discount of 30% off. We hope to see you there! For more information, please visit

We would like to thank all of those who contributed on this article.