Rising Stars

Tuesday November 10, 2015

There is no better way to end your day on Tuesdays, but to follow our prowess with soccer stars of the university in the 7235 soccer league at Lees Field. Consisting of 8 teams, this league offers all those who are passionate about soccer to use facilities that the University of Ottawa has to offer while enhancing Gee-Gees mindset. 

Currently dominated by the team of "MEDs Garnet Coed Soccer Fall 2015" thanks to their skillful captain Alabousi Mostafa, this league is also known for offering the chance to spot other hatching stars. A few examples include Marwan El Kotob (Team Felicia) and Collin Skotarski (Team Marchamps Legacy) which unsurprisingly, would make good pillars of Gee-Gees male soccer team.

For those of you Gee-Gee fans who haven’t had the chance yet to meet them, IT IS NOT TOO LATE. Each of these teams still have a couple of games before playoffs begin where the battle will be more intense than ever, where bodies and souls representing the Gee-Gees will compete to access the supremacy, and more over the grand prize.

In short, the team spirit is without equal in this league that I advise you as a supervisor to join.

Go Gee-Gees Go!

Serge Andersen Bakoussam, League Supervisor