November: Training with Taylor

Friday November 8, 2019

Taylor Timmermans has been a personal trainer at the University of Ottawa for 4 years. Taylor prefers to work with older-aged clients. He explains that that he feels an added sense of accomplishment when he is able to help a client with limited mobility or pain overcome a physical challenge. He enjoys working with clients who may have larger than average barriers to help subsidize or eliminate their pain.

How does he help his clients reach their fitness goals? By doing what they want to do and avoiding what they don’t. In four years of working with clients, Taylor has tapped into a unique and lesser-used approach to training.

He says that he’s become more comfortable getting straight to the point and talking to clients about their specific, unique fitness goals. He doesn’t try to fit their goals into boxes such as “weight-loss” or “building muscle”, he works on exactly what they want or need to work on.  He starts his training programs where the client wants to start.

If you’re a bit confused by this, considering that clients usually go to trainers for guidance, rest assured, Taylor does guide his clients. He guides them through plans and exercises, offering his expertise at every step of the way. However, the key to exercise adherence is intrinsic motivation. Identifying a source of intrinsic motivation means answering the simple but crucial question: “why?”. Why do you want to lose weight? Why did you sign up to work with a trainer etc. Taylor doesn’t force his clients to do things they don’t want to do, he finds what they like and he uses his knowledge to make the method lead to successful completion of the goal.

And successful he has been! Taylor speaks proudly about helping an overweight client get rid of their hypertension without doing any traditional “cardio” work. His client explicitly disliked cardio and so Taylor introduced him to powerlifting. Through the manipulation of sets, weight, reps and good old hard work, this client was able to lose weight, decrease their blood pressure and improve their overall health. Would he have been this successful if Taylor had forced him to run on a treadmill? More likely, the outcome would have been numerous cancelled training sessions.

He explains that while he initially created very “cookie-cutter” client programs, he has learned that keeping the client’s interest is key to helping them succeed. He is no longer worried about sticking to the scheduled length of a one-hour session or following a rigid program but focuses instead on what is in the best interest of the client.

If you would like to work with Taylor or one of our other unique and talented trainers, check out our website, meet our team and reach out to us today. PS: If you register between now and November 17th, you could save up to 15% off of your sessions.