New at-home workout ideas

Monday February 8, 2021
Man tying his boots up

Have you fully adapted your workout routine so that it is living room friendly? Kudos to you! And if you haven’t…kudos to you too! These past months have been far from easy so we should all be proud of whatever we have done, whether that includes working out or not…YOU’RE DOING GREAT.

If you have chosen to stay active or would like to start, here are some ways to workout that are probably different than what you’ve been doing at home.

Have a dance party. Crank up the music and let all your worries go. Dancing is great cardio and a great stress reliever. If your roommate is home, try dragging them out of bed to join you.

Practice a yoga pose. Handstand? Head stand? Or maybe child’s pose is more your speed? Pick a pose, find a tutorial and give yourself lots of time to perfect it.

Play in the snow. It’s really never not cool to play in the snow if you ask us.

Do Pilates. A fantastic ab workout that requires no equipment. Check out a Youtube tutorial.

Go tobogganing. Find a quiet hill and slide right down. The walk back up will likely be more than enough cardio for the day.

Try Zumba. Accessing a stationary bike these days is challenging but a Zumba class will get you many of the same benefits. Try one of ours!

Switch up your equipment. Water bottles, bags of flour, suitcases…use them! Check out what Personal Trainer Jules does with a backpack full of textbooks.

Kickboxing. You probably don’t have a punching bag in your living room, but there are plenty of at-home kickboxing videos on the internet that don’t require the typical equipment.

Stair workouts. Make it an interval workout and use the way down as your rest. Consider adding a bodyweight exercise at the end of each rep to really ramp it up.

Hit the canal. Okay you probably already thought of this one, but it’s always a good option.

We hope that adding these to the classic at-home resistance band routine brings you some extra joy!

We also have a ton of virtual programming happening at campus rec right now if you are looking for other ideas. Check out our daily fitness classes, esports leagues, virtual challenges and stay tuned for more!