"My personal trainer made it really easy to get to the gym"

Thursday January 5, 2017
Women at a upper body weight machine.

Personal training is a great way for you to meet your fitness goals, here is a success story we’d like to share with all of you. We hope this motivates you to get more involved with Campus Rec!

Hi! My name is Katie, and I am a PhD student studying at the University. Being a first-year science PhD student doesn’t allow for a lot of time to keep up with hobbies, however this past semester I made a plan to take advantage of the services offered at the gym - which is only steps away from the chemistry building, so no excuses!

I started working with my personal trainer in September. The motivation for pursuing one-on-one training sessions came after taking the women’s weight training program this past summer, where I met my current personal trainer, Arianne. She made it really easy to get to the gym, teaching us all the basics of weight lifting, and even having a few laughs along the way. The whole experience left me wanting more, so signing up for personal training was the next step!

I also really enjoy team sports, and have had the opportunity to play on number of teams in the intramural sports leagues offered by Campus Rec. I have played everything from volleyball, to soccer, and flag football. These leagues are an awesome way to force me out of my classes to meet new people, and to have fun while still being competitive.

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