Meet Chris Kocsis, a devoted personal trainer

Tuesday November 8, 2016
Personal trainer helping a women.

Hello my name is Chris Kocsis and I’m originally from Welland, Ontario. I am currently in my final year of completing my Human Kinetics Undergrad degree, I’m also CanFitPro Certified and in the process of completing a Human 2.0 Movement Certification. Growing up I played high levels of hockey, baseball golf, and I also played volleyball and basketball in high school. Outside of school and athletics I enjoy fishing, hunting, and you guessed it – country music.

Athletics and helping others are two of the things I enjoy most in life, and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to do a job where I strive to make others and myself better each day.

I am currently working as a strength and conditioning coach down in our High Performance Centre (HPC). I teach all of our varsity athletes how to use, develop and maintain their bodies. I also work with individual clients, both male and female, 16-60 years old, ranging from sedentary to high level performers. My philosophy and methods have proved effective with many different client profiles because of my approach. Whether you’re a high level athlete, or the parent of that athlete. Movement training will enhance not only your performance, but the quality of your everyday living.

Training is also important for everyone because it helps prevent injury. People often have joint pain (low back, shoulder, knee, etc.). Have you ever heard a child complain of joint pain? Very rarely. So, somewhere down the line things got screwed up. My goal is to identify what is impeding that range of motion, get it moving properly, and then strengthen it. Movement is Medicine!   

Training for me, filled the void of “life after competitive sport”. I can still challenge myself physically, set and achieve my personal goals. Remaining fit is a great way to foster resilience and mental toughness. Just like sport, training is a great way to improve positive living skills. It’s more than being able to move X amount of weight, it’s about proving to yourself that change is possible. It’s about reinforcing good habits and being able to dedicate yourself to goals that are important to you.

Here is a client testimonial from one of Chris’ clients:

“Chris has helped me take my fitness to the next level and significantly increased my strength, balance, and mobility. I'm currently in the best shape of my life. I like working with someone who is studying in the field and is knowledgeable on science based fitness, as there is lots of conflicting info on how to train. For me, it's fun to switch it up and learn new stuff. I like the variety plus I think it contributes to better overall fitness. Chris has informed and greatly improved my solo workouts and kickboxing practice. But most importantly he has helped me get over intimidation of strength training in a mostly male gym environment and push the edges of my comfort zone to achieve maximum gains.”