Meet Arianne Bérubé-Lavoie, a devoted personal trainer

Monday January 16, 2017
Trainer posing with a machine, and helping a client.

Hi! My name is Arianne Bérubé-Lavoie, I’ve been living and studying in Ottawa for 5 years and have spent the last year and a half as a personal trainer with the University. I received my certification after completing my undergraduate degree in Human Kinetics and am currently in the process of completing my masters in Human Kinetics with a concentration in intervention and consultation.

I enjoy my job because I love helping people reach their goals and impacting their life in a positive way. My very first client still works out at the university and seeing her at the gym is rewarding to me because I know that I’ve made a difference in her life. Outside of work and school, I swam competitively for 9 years, spent 3 years as a life guard, and taught and coached swimming. I also participate in recreational soccer, volleyball and slopitch leagues to keep me moving.

I work as a trainer for a variety of different clients in both English and French, and I teach two classes including women’s weight training and employee’s Desk Jockey. My clientele includes a variety of different people such as students, middle aged and senior employees, as well as members of the external community. I enjoy working with such a diverse group of people, all with different goals, because it helps me grow as a professional.

My philosophy is that fitness goals should be tailored towards what people enjoy doing the most, if its not lifting weights it could be something else. If you force someone to do something they don’t enjoy, the odds are that they won’t stick with it long-term. My training sessions are client centered and finding what they enjoy is the most important thing for me.

There’s a certain paradox when it comes to physical activity, everyone knows it’s good for you but no one does it! I believe that living an active lifestyle leads to better discipline and better mental health. Starting when you’re young will implement into a better lifestyle in the future, this is why its so important for students today to get involved with campus recreation.

As a student myself, I know that being active has made me more focused in school, and going out and being active has become a social activity for me (I can’t remember the last time I watched TV!) It’s always good to get your blood flowing and blow off some steam – working out always makes you feel better.