Matching Our Martial Arts Courses with Your Favourite Movies

Monday September 10, 2018
Martial arts fists

At uOttawa, we offer courses for a wide variety of martial arts. While teaching you methods of self-defence, they also provide a good amount of fitness.


With the variety of martial arts with different names out there, how do you know which ones you might be most interested in? You may have seen movies with exciting action scenes, so we’ve associated our different styles with some of your favourite blockbusters.


  1. Aikido – John Wick


The only true Aikido films feature Steven Segal in some capacity, but those have disappeared from mainstream success years ago. The action-packed John Wick featured a great fight incorporating Aikido, as Keanu Reaves had to throw his enemies several times on screen. Our course will teach you how to exert yourself the right amount.


  1. Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – Fast & Furious


The late Paul Walker actually received his black belt in BJJ posthumously. When he wasn’t racing or jumping out of cars, he featured his skills in an emotional hand-to-hand fight against Vin Diesel’s character. Our course will teach you and to similarly disarm your opponents, immobilizing them.


  1. Fencing – The Princess Bride


“Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father. Prepare to die.” In the modern day, this quote spawned several hilarious memes. Fencing was a big part of this classic movie as Mr. Montoya goes on his quest to avenge his father against the six-fingered man. Our course will teach you the familiar techniques with an epee.


  1. Karate – The Karate Kid


Not the remake featuring an older Jakie Chan and Will Smith’s son (Jaden), but the original classic that 90s kids remember. Our instructors might not make you do the tedious “wax on, wax off” exercises, but they will certainly provide insight on multiple techniques as well as combat simulations.


  1. Kung Fu – Rush Hour trilogy


Not quite following the formula of films that are more traditional but Jakie Chan’s stunts in this hilarious movie trilogy complimented the humour in his adventure alongside Chris Tucker nicely. Our instructors can at least teach you the basics for your first steps to reaching that level of awesome choreography.


  1. Mixed Martial Arts – The Expendables series


If we take the fight outside of the ring, one of the movies that feature a wide variety of combat styles is The Expendables. Starring some of the biggest action stars of all time, the series’ action scenes contain great raw fight sequences. Like our other martial arts courses, we will teach you techniques while also working on flexibility, strength and stamina.


  1. Taekwondo – Red 2


Lee Byung-hun is a huge star in South Korea who’s featured in some Hollywood films, so there are few actions stars better to showcase Taekwondo. Our friend Grandmaster Tae E. Lee will teach you the self-defence techniques while emphasizing the harmonization of mind, body, and spirit.