Matching Our Dance Courses with Your Favourite Music Videos

Tuesday September 11, 2018
Danse group

Many popular music videos come with careful editing and visual effects, but the core to many of them still rely on the choreography of singers and dancers.


At uOttawa, we have instructors of expert backgrounds who teach the basics in a variety of dance styles. If you’re interested in learning dance but are unsure of the differences between styles, we’ve associated each of them with some of your favourite music videos, old and new.


  1. Ballet – “Chandelier” by Sia


Featuring a star from an old reality show Dance Moms, this music video spent most of the time on her performing a dance with inspiration from her ballet dance background. In our Ballet course, you will get the chance to learn similar moves with a focus on body placement and muscle coordination.


  1. Contemporary Dance – “Something in the Water” by Carrie Underwood


There are dancers in the water in this country music video. With dancing by a contemporary dance company, their choreography brings you into a splashing, beautiful water wonderland. Contemporary dance modernizes and mixes many classical styles and is the best choice for those interested in dancing in any situation, and our course will teach you this.


  1. Dancehall/Reggae – “Get Busy” by Sean Paul


Despite being difficult to understand and his lyrics tough to catch, Paul is one of the most successful mainstream dancehall/reggae artists of all time. The first single of its genre to reach number one on the US Billboard Hot 100, the music video features strong dancehall/reggae dance choreography, good enough to be a feature song in a couple of dance video games.


  1. Hip-Hop – “Ride” by Ciara


The hip-hop genre features many music videos with signature moves that everyone learned to do but there are also more complex choreographies. Ciara has many of such music videos that it’s difficult to choose just one. Ever since the “1, 2 Step” featuring Missy Elliot music video came out, everybody discovered why its influence the two-step was such a great dance move.


  1. Jazz – “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Bublé


Bublé, who has become a Canadian icon with his smooth voice and rendition of some timeless jazz songs, has a few originals that met mainstream success. “I Haven’t Met You Yet” is one of those songs, and the music video shows some dance choreography with that musical jazz influence.


  1. Lyrical – “Love Yourself” by Justin Bieber


Lyrical dance falls into multiple dance categories because it is less a style in itself and more an interpretation of the song’s lyrics it accompanies. It is why we recommend previous experience in jazz or ballet. The dance moves tell the story in a different way, and the dancing in this music video shows the heartbreak in the song.