Let a personal training help you achieve your fitness goals

Monday November 28, 2016
Personal trainer helping a women.

Being a student at the University of Ottawa gives you access to the Sports Services facilities including the gymnasiums, weight rooms, and swimming pool while giving you discounted rates on fitness and recreational programs. But did you know that you also have access to Personal Training services?

If you want to learn the basics of fitness but don’t know where to begin, there are trainers available to help you get started. The University employs a team of personal trainers that are here to help you achieve your fitness goals by providing 1 on 1 sessions, as well as group sessions that you and friends can attend together. You can also register for fitness programs taught by personal trainers that offer classes on fundamentals for weightlifting, running, and training for competition.  

Your first training session will include a consultation where you and your personal trainer determine your fitness level and establish objectives. Your trainer uses this information to create a unique program tailored specifically to help you achieve these goals.

Personal training isn’t only for beginners. Some trainers are former powerlifters, runners, and athletes that can help experienced individuals overcome a plateau, refresh technique and fundamentals, or help improve their mobility, flexibility, and overall strength to minimize risks of injury.

After receiving training sessions, you will learn about more than just working out. You will learn to make good habits, learn about the importance of proper nutrition, and learn to push yourself every day by incorporating everything you learned into your daily lifestyle.

For information on rates and how to register you can visit the personal training webpage