It’s Spring!: The Best Outdoor Study Spots On Campus

Thursday March 29, 2018
Tabaret Hall

Ah, Spring time. The snow is finally melting, the days are getting longer, and the weather is getting warmer!  With final exams right around the corner, it is definitely time to study.

We’re lucky here at uOttawa because our campus is one of the most beautiful places in the city. With this busy season quickly approaching, who wouldn’t want to study in style in order to make sure that they get the grades they are looking for. We here at the GeeFeed have travelled far and wide across campus to bring you the list of the very best study spots for the spring season - where you can study hard and catch all the Vitamin D from the sun.

Tabaret Lawn

We can all agree that Tabaret Hall plays an important part in the overall presentation of uOttawa – it’s in our logo! But being part of our logo isn’t the only cool thing about Tabaret… this hall has a huuuuuge lawn right outside that makes for a superb studying spot. As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, there is no shame with going out to Tabaret Lawn and studying while also working on your summer tan. If you’re running low on caffeine, you are only a few steps away from the Starbucks in Desmarais (and we’ve also covered the benefits of coffee if you have a workout to crush afterwards)

University Square

The University Square is a wonderful place to study. Located right outside the Social Sciences Building (FSS), this centrally-located is close to everything. Camping out there for a day will allow you to leave the confines of your bedroom and soak in plenty of sun. Who doesn’t love natural light?

Parliament Hill

When in Ottawa, do as uOttawa students do.

Studying on Parliament Hill has become a staple of the uOttawa student life. With the great weather among us, packing up for a day and heading over to the hill provides plenty of opportunities to catch some rays while catching up on the all-important studying. Bring a lunch with you if you plan on staying for a significant amount of time. Picnics on the Hill are fantastic!

Café Terraces

What’s better than a good coffee and a great place to study? We have a bunch of café terraces that provide you a wonderful space to study when the sun comes out. Hit those books at the Second Cup on Laurier, where the terrace outside allows you to breath the fresh natural air all while sipping on your favourite latte or cappuccino.

Don’t miss out on studying outside the Go Café at Lamoureux. While it is closely associated with Faculty of Education, it is sure to please anybody who wants to sit back and study hard. This is a great place to meet with colleagues and friends while you enjoy a healthy meal or brainstorm ideas over a nice cup of coffee.

And last, but not least, we have Café Nostalgica, conveniently located right on campus. Enjoy the music while you study for those final exams. Need a study boost? Café Nostalgica serves 100% fair-trade and organic coffee and tea! A perfect place to study and reap the benefits of being outside.


A good option for a windy or rainy day. You won’t be directly outside, but with huge windows overlooking the Rideau Canal, there is plenty of natural light coming in. It’s a site to see! See what we did there?

Inspired by Paris’s Centre Georges Pompidou, renowned architect Ron Keenberg used bright colours, concrete and steel siding, and checkered floor tiles in his innovative design. The magnificent view of the canal at night will provide a great backdrop to those long study hours ahead of you.


With these fantastic study spots, you will surely succeed in your final exams. Studying can sometimes be difficult, but studying with style at these locations can provide you with that extra step to grade greatness.

Did we miss your favourite study spot? Have any other places where you like to study? Reach out to us on Twitter @uOCampus and let us know!