It’s exam season, do you know how SASS can help you?

Thursday December 15, 2016
Mascott and SASS logo.

With Holiday season also comes exam season for students across Canada. Many students experience high levels of stress before and during their finals. Luckily, at uOttawa, SASS (Student Academic Success Service) are here to help everybody succeed.

But for now, here are some strategies SASS recommends for students to have a healthy and successful exam period:

  1. Self-Motivation

Lack of motivation often prevents students from achieving their full potential. Students should be positive in how they approach their exams. Tell yourself that you want to succeed in all your courses rather than thinking “I don’t want to fail”. Setting a goal before every study session is also a good way to stay motivated, and often starting with the easiest task prepares the brain for more rigorous tasks.

  1. Time Management

Better time management can lead to improved concentration and better overall performance on your exams. If you manage your time correctly, you’ll have time for leisure activities without feeling bad about it!

The best way to improve your time management is planning. Always take the time to think and plan your study sessions and set goals for how much studying you want completed in each session.

  1. Exercising

Being stuck at home or at the library all day is bad for your health and often leads to poor studying habits. SASS recommends that students take out some time to go on walks or spend an hour at the gym to help them clear their minds. Studies show that exercise leads to better information retention too!

SASS offers weekly yoga sessions every Thursday from 11:45am to 12:45pm located at 90U in lounge 140.

  1. Stress management

Stress gets so bad that some people feel the need to cry but don’t hold back your tears because crying helps your body produce a chemical that helps you relax. SASS also recommends that you create a comfortable workplace which can eliminate distractions, keep a memorable item or picture you can glance at to help your mind feel relaxed.

  1. Eat healthy!

Often times students neglect the importance of a proper diet due to time constraints so they make poor food choices. Getting all the right nutrients in your diet is important for staying focused during your study sessions and helps with recalling information during your exams.

Here are some foods you can add to your diet: bananas, blueberries, Greek yogurt, nuts, hummus and veggies, and popcorn.

SASS offers a variety of workshops and mentoring services that can be used by all students. For more information on exam preparation please visit