It is not too late to register to intramural programs!

Tuesday September 13, 2016
The Heart of a Gee-Gee

There are only a few short days left to sign up for Intramurals so let’s get the ball rolling! Intramurals are a great way to participate in a sport you like, get some physical exercise and make great friends. Whether you are looking for some competitive action or simply want to participate in a recreational sport you enjoy, we have a spot for you! You can register as an individual and meet some pals on the way, or put in a full team of players that you may already know! Please note that if you and a friend want to register as an individual, we can accommodate the friend request.

Some activities have already been filled but there’s still time to register for a few more! There are spaces left for both men and women’s hockey, basketball, dodgeball, flag football and volleyball!

  • Women’s Hockey will take place on Sunday evenings; individual registration only.
  • Men’s Hockey there is plenty of room for both individual registration (Thursday afternoon) and team registration (Thursday evening and Saturday morning). If you would like to play on a Co-ed team, come and join us on Friday mornings! Individual registration is still open!
  • Men’s Basketball individual registration is on-going.
  • If you can dodge a wrench – you can dodge a Dodgeball! Spaces are still open for Co-ed Dodgeball and here you will have the chance to sign up as a team! This activity will run (no pun intended) on Friday evenings.
  • Co-ed Flag Football will take place on Sunday evenings. Come sign up with some friends, it will be the perfect end to your weekend.
  • Co-ed Volleyball; there are a few spaces left in both individual and team registration.

For additional information please stop by the Intramural Programs office which is located at Montpetit Hall, room 102.