Intramurals season recap: A great turnout overall!

Monday December 1, 2014
intramurals team.

Fall intramurals have come to a close but what a great season it has been! Staff, Gee-Gees and other participants have put so much effort into making these activities a success for everyone and this semester is no different! It’s time to take a step back and look at some of the highlights from this season’s fall intramural session.

Numbers are going up: The number of participants has been going up when compared to previous years. Just to give you an idea, there was an increase in 748 participants which means a 19% percent increase. Even more, in terms of registration capacity, we scored 98.4%. This is amazing news and in terms of popularity, attests to the fact that signing up for intramurals is a great choice!

Popular Activities: Almost every intramural activity was a popular hit amongst participants. However, there are always a few intramurals that are at full capacity each and every time! This year, basketball, dodgeball, soccer and volleyball were some of the winners.

More Staff: With a high turnover of staff graduating last year, this meant that an increase in staff individuals was needed. Newcomers were welcomed and trained to meet the needs of the groups. Additionally, this year we saw more and more student employment opportunities, which is great for those studying and working at the same time!

New Activity: This year, a new type of activity was introduced that was a huge hit! What are we talking about? Rez Dodgeball! This is a great way to meet new people and participate in a sport that you like while living in residence. Missed your chance? Not to worry, this activity will be offered next year too!

A big thanks to everyone who dedicated their time and efforts to setting up, planning and organizing these great intramurals!