Intramural Teams Battling to the End

Monday November 2, 2015
Intramurals - Frisbee

Heading near the half way mark, competition is firing up in the Ultimate Grey league. Don’t let their motivation to have fun fool you, these teams are tough in each match that they play.

Things are tight with each team being one game away from moving up in ranks. In first place, we have MEDchester United 2015 a strong team of potential doctors with a lot of experience but watch out for the underdogs the Disc Tossers as they were the one who knocked the undefeated Docs of their throne. In the last five minutes they managed to secure their first victory of the season with a score of 9-8. Following close behind is She Wants the Disc who are looking to snatch another win against Frisbee Fall 2015.   

Keep updated and follow current standings.

Simone Savary, League Supervisor