Intramural Spotlight Wednesday Soccer

Wednesday November 11, 2015
Women's soccer intramural

Wednesday Night Women’s soccer is always a pleasure to watch.  Even with only four teams in this league the girls all exhibit great teamwork, compassion and motivation to do well. They continuously keep the spectators on edge with their excellent skills and continue to impress us all. Even with the cold weather approaching, all four teams always keep smiles on their faces and strike to do well as a team.

All four garnet soccer teams skills are paying off this semester, especially Vanessa’s Team Fall 2015, as they are in the lead with three wins and no losses.  It is however still very early in the season and there are still plenty of opportunities for the other teams to step up and take the lead. If all teams continue to give it their best, the championships may end up in either team’s hands, just like the Toronto Blue Jays who have surpassed our expectations of them this year. University of Ottawa Women’s intramural soccer never fails to impress us and hopefully will continue to do so.  Keep up the good work, team spirit and don’t forget your ID’s.

Shyanne Smith, Intramural League Supervisor

University of Ottawa