Intramural Spotlight - Tight competition in the early stages of intramural women's hockey

Tuesday October 18, 2016
Hockey player in green preparing to shoot.

Sunday nights are filled with excitement at Minto Sports Complex with women’s hockey on the ice. Participation and enthusiasm has been unlike any other season in both the grey and garnet leagues. Early in the season the grey league is evenly matched, with all teams but one having picked up wins. Leading the grey league is the Benders, who’s diverse scoring has led them to a 3-0 record. Seven different athletes have notched goals for the Benders.

The Wild Ones is the team to beat in the garnet league. Led by the scoring prowess of Renelle Savoie, who has 4 goals and 3 assists, the Wild Ones have started the season undefeated. However, as we are only three games into the season, there is lots of time for the standing to change.