Intramural Spotlight - From Grey to Garnet

Wednesday February 1, 2017
Joueuse de volleyball des intramuros tentant une attaque, joueur en gris tentant de l'arrêter au filet.

The uOttawa intramural program is divided into competitive (Garnet) and recreational (Grey) leagues.  Although some may think the jump from the Grey league to the Garnet league is unobtainable, for one team, this became reality.

Team captain Elizabeth D’Amours started her volleyball team in the Grey division on Thursday nights in Montpetit. After a comfortable 4th place finish and an adventurous playoff run, she decided to take her team up into the big leagues. Team Dat Ace Doe is off to a bit of a bumpy start in the Garnet division having lost their first two matches. However, the games were filled with excitement, as the final scores were all neck-to-neck finishes.  

On February 8th team Dat Ace Doe will be playing the undefeated How I Set Your Mother Season 3. Perhaps this will be the TSN turning point for captain D’Amours and her team of second-year weapons!

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