Intramural spotlight: Ball so Hard vs Murdock Mysteries part 2

Monday March 27, 2017
Player in blue dribbling with the ball on the court.

When these two teams met at the end of January, Murdock Mysteries suffocated Ball so Hard with their defence and stole away a win 35-31 in what was a low-scoring affair. Ball so Hard captain Khalil Barakzai said: “we played hard but at the end of the day they played harder. That won’t be the case next time.” And it wasn’t the case next time, Ball so Hard dominated Murdock Mysteries 52-40 during their second meeting of the season.

Ball so Hard point guard Stephen Beange led the team early on with his sweet play-making and hot three point shooting to lead the team 30-18 at halftime. Murdock Mysteries refocused and made a push early on in the second half to cut their deficit down to 4. Ball so Hard took a timeout and bounced back with a 12-0 run led by the hot shooting of Amir Jasarevic and Jon Brasnett to secure the win 52-40.

After the game, Khalil Barakzai said: “Defence wins games and that’s what happened tonight, we started off the game hot offensively and played lockdown defence during the second half. It was a group effort by all the guys on the team.”

Claude Mundele, starting forward for Murdock Mysteries was disappointed in his performance but said: “we just have to bounce back next game, we can’t always play perfectly. We’ll see them (Ball so Hard) in the playoffs though, when it really matters.”

As the winter season winds down, the Monday night Men’s individual league has three teams tied for first place at 5-2. Ball so Hard, All Business, and Murdock Mysteries are all fighting for that top spot to control home court advantage which will be crucial in determining the champion.