Intramural Spotlight – Team ‘Washed Up’ are anything but in men’s intramural basketball

Tuesday November 1, 2016
Intramurals Player with the ball and two covers.

All basketball enthusiasts at uOttawa know that on Tuesday night, Men’s Basketball is the closest thing to feeling like you’re at a Raptors game, minus Drake watching from the sidelines. The level of skill and competition surpasses those of any other league, making the games entertaining to watch, and extremely fun to participate in.  The league is nothing short of entertaining, with one-point wins, broken ankles and huge dunks.

The sapphire blue team Washed Up, made up of former CIS players Vikas Gill, Nick Jordan, Ryan Evans and Ryan Barbeau, are currently dominating the league, averaging over 63 points per game and holding their opponents to an average of 42 points against. Any basketball fan who appreciates the art of 3-point shooting, ball handling and hustle will appreciate Mikey Malek’s ability to shoot deep 3’s, Reid Bolan’s determination, and Ahmed Murk and Derek Ye’s machinegun-like ball-handling skills.

The team is currently ranked #1 with a 5-0 record - the only undefeated team in the league. They’re the favourites to be crowned champions, but are still 5 games away from actually claiming that title. The men on Washed Up have sweat, bled, battled and have definitely proved themselves to be the team to beat this semester - all while having a fun time!

Akpene Kwamie, Head Referee - Basketball

University of Ottawa