Intramural spotlight – Ball so Hard vs Murdoch Mysteries

Thursday February 9, 2017
Two guys playing basketball at Montpetit.

On Monday nights, the individual Men’s basketball league – one of the most highly competitive leagues here - battle against each other in Montpetit. 

Monday, January 30th, featured Ball so Hard and Murdoch Mysteries both 2-0 and going into their first matchup against each other this season. Both teams won their previous games with blowout victories and both teams are equal both offensively and defensively.

It was a hard-fought game for both teams; each team hustled every play to get a basket or defensive stop. It ended as a low-scoring affair since both teams’ defence was suffocating one another but Ball so Hard collapsed during the last 5 minutes of the game. In the finals minute of the game, Murdoch Mysteries player Ryan Challinor blew by his defender for a dunk to secure the win 35-31.

It’s clear that a rivalry was made and both teams will be fighting for the top spot in the league. Ball so Hard captain Khalil Barakzai said: “we played hard but at the end of the day they played harder. That won’t be the case next time.”

Murdoch Mysteries player Claude Mundele had a point to prove after losing in the first round of the playoffs last season and made some key hustle plays towards the end to secure the win.

Regardless of the outcomes, when these two teams are on the floor; expect an intense and entertaining ball game.