Intramural season is upon us!

Wednesday September 1, 2021

Hello Gee-Gees!


We are excited to announce that intramural activities will be resuming this upcoming fall semester! We will be offering volleyball, soccer, basketball, hockey, dodgeball and ultimate frisbee leagues. The schedule can be found here.


We have enhanced protocols and modifications for rules of each sport to ensure a safe playing environment during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some basic protocols included but not limited to are adding hand sanitizer stations in each facility, limiting contact and enforcing social distancing as much as possible. In addition, uOttawa has recently announced that individuals must be fully vaccinated in order to access the university campus - this includes to be eligible to participate in our intramural leagues.


To all first and second-year students who didn’t get a chance to register for any intramural activities we are here to guide you! Simply look up “geegeereg” on Google and click on the first link, from there you’ll see activities and then leagues. Next, create an account (using your uOttawa email) and register for the league of your choice. When you are registering a team for Gee-Gees Intramurals Leagues or Events, there are several different participation options for your team based on the composition of your team in terms of skill level, gender identity and expression, all of which are in place to ensure parity between teams and enjoyment from our participants.



  • Team: during the registration process, a captain registers their entire team (typically a group of friends, faculty etc.)
  • Individual: during the registration process, a participant registers as an individual (typically for first-year students or participants who couldn’t find enough players to make a team). You can also request friends who are registering as individuals as well to be placed on the same team.


  • Competitive: Players in this level have several years of playing experience in an advanced setting for their sport league.
  • Recreational: Players have a lower intensity and skill level than our Competitive level. Games will still encourage competition and have playoffs along with a league championship. Players new to the sport are also welcomed in these leagues.


Apart from our Open Leagues, many of our leagues specify gender-based roster requirements, including a minimum number of women or men. For the purposes of our program, the terms 'men' and 'women' are inclusive of trans, gender-fluid, and agender members of our community. We've trained our staff to understand gender as a spectrum and encourage participants to take part in the program that best represents their gender as THEY identify.

  • Open: no gender restrictions (previously known as men’s)
  • Mixed: leagues with gender restrictions (previously known as co-ed)
  • WTNB: leagues for women, transgender or non-binary individuals (previously known as women’s)


Make sure you familiarize yourself with the above lingo to ensure you select the league that’s most suitable for you. For more details about our policies and procedures, you can view them in depth here: (hyperlink). Please note we reserve the right to change or updates our policies as we monitor the COVID-19 pandemic. Registered players will all be made aware of any changes and important details will be covered in our Captains Meetings prior to the start of leagues.


Please be aware that some of our team leagues sell out within minutes, so take note of when our registration period begins. Registration is encouraged to be completed online (not in-person) via geegeereg. Here are the registration start times for September 3rd, 2021:

  • Basketball – 9:00am
  • Ultimate – 10:00am
  • Volleyball – 11:00am
  • Hockey – 1:00pm
  • Dodgeball – 2:00pm
  • Soccer – 3:00pm


If you have any questions or concerns related to intramurals, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at


Whether it’s on the field, on the ice, or on the court, we hope to see you out there come September!


Yours in Rec & Sports,

Gee-Gees Intramurals Team