Intramural Reading Week Challenge Best Pictures

Wednesday November 5, 2014
t-shirt contest

Everyone has that comfy old t-shirt that has travelled all around with them over the years. There’s the fading logo and maybe a rip or stain or two, but with too many memories to think about throwing out. And let’s be honest, you can always use another t-shirt.

Insert the intramurals “Traveling T-Shirt” contest, calling its teams to submit photos over reading week with their intramural shirt! From weight-training, to skiing, to snorkelling, the activities were as different as night and day. But each picture had the unmistakable Gee-Gees logo printed loud and proud.

Space and time may separate that once tight intramural team, but with one slip-on of the intramural shirt, the memories of the winning goal, team spirit, perfect pass or championship win are sure to flood back. So we asked, where do you take your Gee-Gees intramural shirt?