Intramural - Hockey

Wednesday November 11, 2015
Intramurals - Hockey

After six games into the season, it’s Eberle Hills 90210 who holds the coveted top position with a near perfect record of five wins and only one loss in the Men’s Individual Hockey League on Thursdays. However, the second place position as clear-cut with The Saad Pandas and Benchwarmers both contending. And a very honorable mention goes out to the Hatrick Heroes for pulling one the greatest upsets so far this season by beating Eberle Hills 90210 last week despite being in fourth place. With only two more weeks until the playoffs, it seems apparent which teams will qualify to the playoffs, but who the winners will be is still up for debate. But one thing is for certain, the level of competition seems to be getting higher and higher with every passing week, so stay tuned for more amazing hockey games!

Desiree Daguro, League Supervisor

University of Ottawa