I tried virtual yoga for the first time

Monday March 8, 2021
Cat lying on yoga mat

Author: Maïa Natale, 2nd year student at uOttawa

As the semester moves along and deadlines weigh on our minds, couldn’t we all benefit from some time to move our bodies and relax? I recently tried uOttawa’s Friday night yoga class, and I think we should all take advantage of this great class!

Don’t worry if you’ve never tried a yoga class before! This class welcomes all levels, and you will be able to customize every single pose and movement to your comfort level. When you drop-in for this yoga class you will meet our wonderful instructor, Dobrila. Her kind encouragement and reminder to “be kind to yourself” will guide you through your practice and allow you to leave all your worries behind.  

So, what can you expect from the class? Well, let me tell you all about my experience:

  • Set an intention to set the stage for your evening. Some examples may be to power through the challenging moments, to be intentional with your movements, to relax, and breathe.
  • Stretching followed by a few flowing sequences of different poses and movements (which again, are always adaptable!). These sequences allowed me to build some strength in my body while also finding a relaxed state of mind.
  • Finish off your practice with a peaceful ‘Shavasana’, in which you will lay down on your mat and clear your mind of to-do lists, worries, and sink into the present moment.
  • Dobrila also suggested that we play our own music in our spaces, so pick your favorite relaxing or energizing playlist to fit your mood and intention!

Make time for movement, your wellbeing and health this week by setting aside an hour on Friday nights at 6:00 p.m. EST. You will get to experience the great community of inviting students and faculty members who also love to practice with Dobrila! To drop-in and get more information, click here.